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“God is working miracles every day, changing the personality of the family members so they do not even respond to the things you normally would. That answered my prayer, healing and the development of relations of hearts for the day from home the prodigal son is staying home for good. To God be the glory for everything he did and what it is. If we have we can not go wrong. “(Pennsylvania)

“My prodigal son came some time ago. He is still struggling with addiction and accept Christ as Savior yet. Last week, I looked into the room I saw my husband on his knees beside the bed. When I entered the room, cried like a baby and asked me to pray for him. soon be saved. “(Florida)

“Praise the Lord, my husband of many years has changed his mind and returned home. We’re going to counseling and we are both learning to listen to each other. Pray, pray, pray, is the only advice I can give . God I had to change too! “(Canada)

“My wife and I started to talk and see each other again. She resides in another state with the children, but God used to keep children and told him to come home. We are working on our marriage and we even went to his meeting last weekend and enjoyed ourselves. Blessed be the Lord. “(North Carolina)

Praise God for his faithfulness. My husband left to start a new life and has filed for divorce. Suddenly, he called wanting to start over. Documents have been filed to stop the divorce and he moves back in a week. I know God has much work to do in us, but I know he will finish the work he has begun to revive our marriage died. This ministry has been such an encouragement to me all the time. The day I thought I could not walk and I thought crazy to think that my husband would come back, I got a new hope. “(California)

“After years of separation from my husband and I remarried in January. Everyone said I was never going to change and to go with my life, but I was standing on what God had promised. Like all couples, we have problems, but not among us. I continue to pray for me and for others to move forward and not to Jesus. He alone can help us in this way we are. I love so much. “(Mississippi).

“God has spoken clearly to me and told me to stay and has brought an improvement in my life. My husband also looked at these changes in me, but she had hurt him isolated and angry. But God had worked his heart too . Five months ago, my husband confessed that he still loved me. Since then, God has restored all aspects of our marriage. It is trust and intimacy that was not there before. the peace of God prevails in our home and we will continue to experience His blessings and provision. ” (North Carolina)

“My husband came home the night before Thanksgiving. I give all the glory to our Lord, because when I “let go and let God” and shouted to him to restore our marriage and the heart of my husband, a gentle man started to respond very different and showed signs slow to question his decision to divorce. I concentrated my heart to deepen my relationship with Christ and enabled him to do the rest! What a blessing it was for our Thanksgiving to house “(Georgia)

where the enemy like prey to those with difficulties, weddings, and standers. Thanks Rejoice Marriage Ministries for this checklist that I needed to be reminded. “(Arizona)


“Praise the Lord alive, my husband is home! Thanks, Bob and Charlyne for your uplifting messages and an overview of the prodigal mind. Now he’s home and the leader of our family in worship and God made him a mighty man of God. I just wanted to encourage all those who can get to never give up. God is faithful. “(Texas)

“I went to Rejoice Pompano Beach, when my husband was away from home for almost a year. He came back in ten months. I can not say that it was not easy, but remember God’s promises that He will restore and bless the marriage if I do not trust him. I see a lot of good things happen in the near future. Stander I urge everyone to keep the faith, keep praying,

keep praising him for everything, because He is faithful. My husband says he would never commit the the same mistake again, and he is here to stay, till death do us part, and that he loves me more than I know. Praise be to God. ” (Florida)

Checklist for standers you sent,” Charlyne Cares “is good advice. I read it, God has shown me that my marriage restored, and despite all our problems, I still advise you to adhere to these this checklist. Many marriages are broken because the spouse does not care tips checklist and had a relationship that has caused the divorce. The Internet is a dangerous place, 

Praise be to God, my husband has finally come home after nine months of being separated. Although we have been separated from God has done so much in my life. I went to church and true God was there for me . I realized the whole situation in my marriage was not my wedding, but me. God wanted me to change, and I, my thoughts are different, at least not my position. I found your site on one of those weeks, I wanted to give up my marriage. I praise the Lord, I found it. Thank you for coming. “(Alaska)


“A few months ago my wife asked me to go out and put an order on me and prevented me from having contact with her. I began to pray and believe God to restore my marriage to my woman. I was very encouraged to know that there are others who believe that marriage is sacred and important enough to ask. Last week, my wife called me saying she wants to reconcile. We want to church together tomorrow for the first time in a year. “(Washington)