Welfare Help For Single Moms

Often single mother will find it very difficult to take care of their kids alone. Well, there is help out there. You can find help at the welfare department. No kids should have to suffer and there are help out there. You need to know where to go to get help. If you can’t really take care of your kids, you can give it away to foster care. If your kids are newborn, you can bring it to the fire department, fire station, hospitals and you can give it away, you don’t have to leave your identity either but no children should have to be abandon and abused. There are enough child abuse cases out there so get help while you still can. Here are a few ways to get help for yourself and your child.


The welfare department can help you with a variety of assistance including healthcare assistance, financial aid, housing help, food stamps, child care and more. They’re the best resource for you while you need help. No one has to go alone at it. If you’re stuck, find out where your welfare department is and go and get help.


You can get free housing with the public housing department, like section 8. You can get on it so you don’t have to wait for so long. You can find out about it and sign up for it. Usually, you will have to pay about thirty percent and the rest are paid by the department.

Child support

You get child support assistance through the welfare department. They will provide you with credit for child care or day care so you can go to work and school. This is an excellent program if you have other things to do.


You can reach out to your family for help like a parent, grandparent, relatives, husband, and boyfriend to see if they can help you. You can even offer free housing for childcare for those who need a free room to live in.

Foster care

If you have reached the end of your rope and can’t seem to handle your child anymore, you can always decide to give them up for adoption. You will still get to visit your kids. Adoption is a decent thing to do. Your child will have a good life and you can always find your child later on. The child will be taking in at no cost to you and you will not be penalizing for nothing.