Wellness at 60 something

There is a joke about 60+ year olds who always do an organ recital when they meet. I suppose most of you have heard of this “organ recital” term which refers to people whose ears, lungs, skin, etc. are no longer as healthy as they used to be. When people with such state of bodily organs meet, most of them are in a choral harmony about this pain here, that disability there, this discomfort here and so forth.

Deepak Chopra, a medical doctor and someone into meditation and other branches of the healing arts, in his book “Ageless Body Timeless Mind,talks about an ageless body and a timeless mind being the result of a shift from the old paradigm on Health and Aging. It’s the mind that makes us old, Deepak Chopra teaches.

It is not as if it would benefit us greatly if we deny our age. Denial of the aging process is not the key idea in the shift in paradigm on aging. The point being offered by the concept of an ageless body and a timeless  mind is that the body as matter follows thought. It’s the mind that is in control of how our body and our mind works. Each of the millions of cells in our body has a memory. The mind has power over every cell. Whatever message the mind sends to the cell is recorded and obeyed. If the mind says “I am old and therefore my health is deteriorating”, that is what the cells will follow. The other paradigm teaches us to have power over the matter that our body is as the body is like a genie that says to the mind: “Your wish is my command.”