What a ‘licensed, Bonded And Insured’ House Cleaning Service Can do For You

Getting a reliable and qualified house cleaning service can help keep your home clean while you work and provide for your family. But ensuring the safety of your home, your belongings, and the contents of your premises is important too. It’s essential to look for a house cleaning service in Columbus, Ohio that is licensed, bonded and insured.

What does “licensed, bonded and insured” mean?

In a nutshell, a “licensed, bonded and insured” service provider guarantees that its house cleaning team will provide the qualified and competent service you expect and hired them for, and that the company will cover and compensate you for unfinished work and damages made by the work team (by accident, or deliberate action).

Licensed to legally operate in your community

A “licensed” house cleaning service has been registered and certified by the appropriate state local government bureau to legally operate its business in the area when its license has been issued. Service providers and contractors in Columbus, Ohio are required to be licensed in order to conduct and operate their business. Obtaining a license for maid and house cleaning service is one of the most difficult licensing processes; the requirements are especially meticulous and rigorous because of the nature of their services. It’s a good start to get the license number of the house cleaning service you’re canvassing for. Tip: If you’d like to know more about a particular contractor’s service history, get their license number and look up their background through the Better Business Bureau.

Bonded and committed to completing the job

A bonded house cleaning service guarantees to complete the job you hired them for, or compensate you otherwise. When a house cleaning team was unable to complete their work by the agreed deadline, a performance bond will typically cover you against the unfinished or improperly executed work. Ask for a complete list of their house cleaning services and what to expect.

Insured against accidental damage (or otherwise)

House cleaning insurance covers any damage caused by the house cleaning team in the course of performing their duties, or for stolen property. This is crucial both for you as a homeowner and for the service provider. This policy generally covers damage by accident (or otherwise), during the house cleaning process, and the service provider takes responsibility for compensating you for such damages. House cleaning insurance also covers any personal or physical injury that may occur, and will protect you from liability. Be sure to ask for a copy of their insurance, and what exactly is covered by their policy. Nothing is worse than hiring a cleaning service and being responsible if they hurt themselves!

A clean, healthy and intact home

A reliable house cleaning contractor must not only provide a good clean, it must prove that you haven’t misplaced your trust and confidence in them. Your home should be clean, healthy and intact when the house cleaning team is done. When looking for a service contractor, find out if the house cleaning service is licensed, bonded and insured, and will guarantee that your home is safe, intact and secure, and that making sure nothing has been damaged or taken. If a house cleaning service you’re canvassing isn’t licensed and doesn’t have insurance, avoid them! At the end of the day, a reliable house cleaning service provider should be able to give you a clean and healthy home, and the peace of mind that you deserve.

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