What Are Body Wraps

What are body wraps? That was the first question that came to my mind when I started reading an article on it. So, thought of explaining it to my fellow readers too about the same. Body wraps are used to tone and tighten the skin. Sometimes these wraps are also used for improving the blood circulation; detoxify the body and mobilizing of fat up to some extent too. To make a body wrap you require only a mixing bowl, a heating pot and wrapping sheets in simpler cases a towel.

There are two stages in which a body-wrap works: absorption and squeezing. So understanding the first concept; the absorption process is done when we apply the wrap around the skin, the body fluids which are unnecessary get absorbed into the wrap which is mostly made up of clay and some salt. This refreshes the body skin and makes it active. However, the wrap can be made up of different things too like sea clay and salt, sometimes oil is also added for dry skins; sea-weed, minerals and aloe-vera. The effect of the wrap is basically determined by the ingredients used in the wrap.

Now, we can take up the second part of the process, squeezing. It is a simple logic that you need to tighten up things from where you have extracted something since that creates a space there. And so this is taken care of by the wrap. Once the fat and unnecessary fluids are extracted the wrap the adjacent cells now create a gap between them. So to reduce them the wraps squeeze these empty pockets and make the skin tighter and glowing.