What are Dean Koontz’s Best Books?

I love Dean Koontz’s writing style.  I have read all of his books and liked pretty much every one of them.  It is always hard to break down any author you like and pick what you consider to be his best works but I think I have chosen wisely with this list so below is my list for the best five novels that Dean Koontz has written.  Remember this is only my opinion so I’m sure disagreements will occur but the five I would rate as best are:  (list is not in any order)


 The very first book I read and still my favorite from Koontz.  Very gripping story, I could not put this book down even once until I had it finished.  This book actually got me interested in reading more of Koontz’s works.  Awesome story telling.

Sole Survivor 

Awesome awesome book and read.  This book really showcases Koontz’s talents as a horror writer.  I loved this book!

Mr. Murder 

Another classic Koontz novel displaying all of his talents as a writer.  Actually purchases a signed copy of this one off of EBAY a few years ago.


One of the first mass produced Koontz novels and a great read.  Another book I could not put down until finished.

Strange Highways 

 What can be better than reading a story from Koontz, how about numerous stories.  Nice collection of short stories in this book.  Some of them are awesome stories but all of them are a good read. 

Well, there you have my top five Dean Koontz novels.  Please feel free to offer your opinion in the comments section.  I am always curious to see other peoples opinions when it comes to different authors and their books.