What are Firefox extensions?

Firefox extensions are also known as Firefox add-ons. They are small programs and features that the individual user can download and use to customize and make better use of their browser for their needs. All of the Firefox extensions are created by programmers who develop the extensions for free and are available via the Mozilla Firefox website.

The extensions number in the thousands and allow the user to integrate many features into their Firefox web browser. For security and safe browsing there are add-ons that will do everything from blocking ads and pop ups to encrypting one;s every keystroke so that hackers can not use keyloggers to harvest information such as passwords from the user. There are also so called paranoia programs that easily hide one’s web trails by erasing cookies, page caches, and browser history during each browsing session.

For convenience and ease of use there are extensions that will do anything from adding search engine boxes into the browser to allowing you to have a daily planner, weather reports, travel reports, or alarms integrated into the browser. There are also add-ons that help speed up page viewing, scan downloads for viruses, or remember passwords.

In the entertainment area of things, users can download extensions that put real time game information into their browsers or controls so that they can control their music playlists without minimizing the Firefox window.

Technology such as RSS feeds have allowed developers to design add-ons that can deliver information and news from a wide variety of sites direct to your web browser so many add-ons focus on minimizing the amount of time you need to spend online or on the amount of browser windows or programs you need to access individually.

For the creative individuals, Firefox extensions can also change to layout and look of the browser window with themes that range from sports and movies to sleek and modern. With these themes , one can give their browser a touch of individual style.
All of these add-ons and extensions are free and many are available for both Windows and OSX systems. These extensions can improve the user experience and tweak Firefox for one’s personal needs and uses.