What Are The Makings of The Best Steak Restaurant

In the culinary challenge of preparing the best steak ever,  all the steak restaurants in Chicago take pains to  provide their valued clients and most loyal customers the ultimate steak experience.  This is, in spite of everything, the bloodline of all steak establishments in every state.  So, for the avid steak lovers in Chicago, we ask, “What are the makings of the best steak restaurant?”

We do not pay for these pricey over the top establishments for nothing? We expect only the best! So focusing on the phrase best steak ever, when broken down,  will yield to 4 major components.  First and foremost, is the meat grade.  If you could notice, every decent steak restaurant Chicagoshould have the phrase USDA Prime Aged Beef. To elaborate further in this factor, The USDA’s grading system is the most reliable tool in determining the quality of your beef. Quality in turn would equate with Marbling, the fatty streaks throughout the muscle fibers of your beef. And remember, the thickness of the cut is more important than the weight of the beef. 1 to 1 1/2 inch should be the appropriate thickness. Thin slices are more likely to dry out when cooked.

The second important factor is Temperature. This is where many of the steak restaurants in Chicago commit their mistake. Temperature has a lot to do with your beef even before it hits the grill. Explanation: if the beef is colder than your average room temperature, most likely the fibers will contract the moment it hits a hot surface, causing the meat to harden. So whenever you go to a new steak restaurant for a business lunch, make sure that the chef knows exactly what he is doing. I had the pleasure of meeting Chef John Hogan after a splendid steak dinner in Keefer’s Steak Restaurant at 20 West Kinzie St. Illinois. I always go out of my way to compliment the chef after having one of the best steak meals I’ve ever had.

 The third component is method of cooking. Being a steak fanatic, you already have your preference when it comes to how you would like this sinful piece of meat prepared. With the advent of booming steak restaurants in Chicago catering on both rowdy parties and the more private fine-dining experience, these establishments also create their large following by the method of cooking they’re famous for. Either it be Pan-seared, sear-roasted, barbecued or grilled, would depend mainly on the specific taste of the customer.

And lastly,the steak entourage. I am referring to the complimentary elements that would make your steak dinner the ultimate antidote for your beef-oriented appetite. If Chicago fine-dining is your thing, and you will probably expect it to be very costly,  the steak restaurant of your choice should provide an array of appetizers, carefully prepared side dishes to  match the richness of your entrée and a wide selection of wines to complete altogether a truly unforgettable meal.

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