What Are The Symptoms of Anemia

One symptom of anemia is feeling tired all the time. Becoming short winded for walking a short distance or climbing a flight of stairs. Having a hard time focusing on one thing. Having colds that sometime are hard to get rid of. People with this condition should load up on the iron. Because anemia is a blood condition where the red blood cells are below normal. Sometime trying to regulate your iron intake can be challenging.

The heart, muscles, and brain are starved for oxygen. Its basically suffocation. With all the above symptoms included. A person may experience dizziness, fainting spells and poor regulation of body temperature. Premature births and low birth rates can be associated with anemia as well. Dirt, chalk, ice are preferred by people with this condition.

It is called pica. Waxy tongue and stomach disorders, as well as flat fingernails are associated with this condition. If a person consume more iron rich foods, this can gradually correct the problem, but you have to stick to the diet. People who are more prone to this condition are women of childbearing years, babies, and small children. Most people do not want to eat anything with iron in it, in fear that the taste will be unpleasant. Actually, many foods containing iron is very delicious, you just have to chose the right one for you.

When men develop anemia it is often known to be internal bleeding which is usually associated with stomach ulcers. If you’;re a female going through menopause, they’;re the ones who are at a lower risk of iron deficiency, but they have to maintain a  healthy diet. This is the most common deficiency in the United States. So when it come to eating healthy do not short change yourself when taking iron, iron is very beneficial to your well being. Because your body already has elevated oxygen when you exercise.  While at the same time it is causing iron loss as you sweat and have to urinate.

So it works for you while in the same sense working against you. Now thats not fair. So exercising daily will not hurt you. It will help your overall health.