What Astronomers Say About The Current Effects of Solar Explosions on Humans

Astronomers claim that recent solar explosions should not worry us.

. However, solar activity will peak in 2013-2014, when such eruptions will occur two to three times daily.

Radiation almost never fail on earth, but the particles can affect satellites.”If a satellite is not going to see you on TV a few days, if telephony, we can not to use phones. Our luck is that these bursts of order 10 are very rare,” said Adrian Sonka, Bucharest Astronomical Observatory Coordinator.

Even if no effect on the population, Romanians are sure to solar bursts do not think it will affect the heat wave is related to recent activity of the Sun.

. “In the statements that we feel are some physical aberration. Not pass anything because the Sun in November. Even now the geo-magnetic storm occurring in November and not pass anything,” said Adrian Sonka.

Annually from 1940 to 1950 held by the magnitude of solar explosions on August 1, ie level 4 on a scale with 10 steps.

Last weekend was a massive solar explosions, registered for several satellites, including the Solar Dynamics Observatory and include NASA – tells many international news agencies. This phenomenon, the following days will have strong influence on Earth.

Astronomers from around the world could see the explosion of the size above a sunspot Earth, which was associated with professionals and larger eruption occurred on the surface of the Sun. The explosion, called a coronal mass ejection was directed towards Earth, causing a “tsunami” Solar. Experts say that waves of gas particles with electrical overload these days reach Earth, hitting the natural magnetic shield that protects Earth.

It is possible that after the spectacular auroras to form, but the show is not just an astronomical phenomenon delighted because the shock wave can seriously affect satellite, electricity distribution networks and communication lines across the globe.

Romanian astronomers say, however, that the blast effects will not significantly affect the Earth.

Explosions occurring in the surface of the Sun causes solar mass ejection, they form a cloud of plasma that may be heading for Earth. Cloud, which contains charged particles, it strikes the Earth’s magnetic field that protects.

One of the most powerful solar explosions happened in 1859, when ionized atmosphere was so, that could see the aurora borealis and the Equator

Terra said that the history of astronomy, the existence of humanoid species was affected by solar eruptions more powerful than Sunday, weather and living organisms are similarly affected and then, but since that time there were no artificial satellites and telecommunications networks which could be destroyed by such events.