What do Home Health Caregiver or Pca do

What do home health pca do? Nowadays, with more demanding jobs and family, people can no longer take care of parents or grandparents or even disabled family members and this is when home health comes in to play. A home health agency will send out certified and qualified caregiver to the home or facilities where the client lives and take care of them based on their needs but non-medical duties like shopping, running errands, bathroom, adls, going out, driving, medication reminder, cooking and companionship. This is wonderful for the elderly with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease or mental illness or disabled or post-op. this is also wonderful for mentally challenge individuals.

You need a caregiver and if your family illness fall into what Medicaid or Medicare will pay for or insurance, then you will have it cover or you can have it pay privately. Either way, your family can have more time to do more important things in life and not have to worry about your seniors. By now, they should have enough savings to care for themselves in their senior’s years. It’s costly but if it’s covered under Medicare and Medicaid then they should be fine. They can cause a lot of safety concerns if there is no caregiver. This is how it is with seniors. They can’t live alone if they have mental illness. You need to order them health caregivers.

How much do home health cost to you? For a basic non-medical home health caregiver, you would get about $20-$22 an hour, depending on their special needs to the agency. If you hire non-agency personnel, it would cost less, or negotiable but there might be potential problems like abuse, theft; crimes and you might not be able to find the person afterward. It’s more dangerous to hire people on your own then the ones that you hire through an agency, where they can manage them well enough for you. The agency can provide 24 hours live in caregivers or as little as three hours per day, but it’s a minimum of three hours a day. What can caregivers do for your seniors? They can drive them to appointments, shopping, going out for fun, cooking, cleaning, housekeeping, companionship, medication reminders.