What do Women Want in Men?

While men are generally driven by the cup size when it comes to choosing a partner women preferences are often more diverse. Some of the general traits which women think their man should have are:

1-  Good listener – It ranks high because it is important. Women want a man who will listen to them and is sensitive about their feelings.

2-  Generous and well mannered – Women love it when her man opens the door of the car for her and respects her needs.

3-   Protective and caring – When women look for a husband they are also looking for a good father for their children. This provides women a feeling of safety.

4-   Hygienic – This is the thing which most men ignore. Women often get turned off if the man is not hygienic.

5-   Good physique – Yes women do go by looks. A good looking man with broad shoulders and well toned body can be very tempting for a women, more so when he has all the qualities written above. By good looks I don’t mean that man should look like Johnny Depp but yes good looks do score high.

6-   Successful – Women admire men who are successful in their fields. It gives them financial safety.

7-   Sense of humor and adventure – Men who have sense of humor always rank high in the books of women. Women want their men to be special, something different. Women like to do adventurous things with their man.

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