What Does Easter Really Mean

Easter is meant to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is always held on the first full moon after the 21st of March. Which would be considered Easter Sunday. What is celebrated as “Easter” should actually be part of the celebration “Passover”, which was considered as being the highest religion celebrated. Passover is a remembrance of the children that were delivered of Israel from the bondage in Egypt. Which lead to the foretelling of their sins. Passover examines and hold the key to our understanding of redemption.

The Messiah was put to death in this time of redemption, so he could deliver us from bondage and the debt that would be owed due to our own personal sin. Anyone who believes in, and trust in the son of God, and make him your own personal saviour will have eternal life as we all know. The small treats that go along with Easter are a representation of the gods and goddesses. Now lets look at the word “holiday”, the word holiday comes from ” holy days”, if you look at it Easter is a holy day celebration for christians around the world. So is Christmas. So back to Easter, the results were the bondage resulted in the deliverance of their sins.

The Passover reminds us of his past and present deliverance of the way to the future. So to sum this up, trust in the word and and grow to understand it each and everyday. You will become closer to God the more you are in tune to his word. Get to know him, you’ll love him.