What Experts Are Saying About Narcolepsy

Every part of the body and its function is important. There few part which are most essential like brain and heart etc. One has to take more care of this part because if the function of this part is not proper then we could not leave peaceful and sometimes even death would also come. There are many disorders happens to the brain and heart in this article we are going to discuss one of such disorder which related to the sleep but its ultimate relation is with brain only. When brain loose the control of regular sleeping pattern or moreover we say when awake and sleeping time get disturbed it turns in to sleep disorder which is called Narcolepsy in medical term. The person who becomes victim of narcolepsy may fall asleep in day time. There is no permanent cure for narcolepsy but it can be controlled by certain medication like Modanafil 200mg which is available by different brand name Modvigil, Provigil, Modalert and Waklert etc.

How to Control Narcolepsy without Medicine:

  1. Narcolepsy is a problem which is created by us only there is outer object which is reason for this problem.  You do not follow the schedule of sleep and awake after long term it will results in to Narcolepsy so better to sleep on time and maintain the awake and life cycle.
  2. For maintaining good sleep and awake life cycle if you are unable to fall asleep then better to  go for other option which will help you to come out of this bad habit pattern. I would like to suggest take warm milk before going to bed and start reading any books this will help you to get sleep easily.
  3. There are certain music’s CD’s available in the market which may also help to get sleep on time.
  4. Keep always in mind alcohol and smoking habits always worse the condition of narcolepsy symptoms so one has to stop taking alcohol as well as smoking completely if they are victim of narcolepsy.
  5. If you are doing exercise in the morning then change this pattern and start doing exercise before going to bed. It will give you energy and you would get good sleep and also get longer sleep.
  6. Always go for cat snaps in the day it will help you to avoid sleep at any day time and ultimately it give nice effects for night sleep.
  7. Many times above tips will not work in many people if they have cross the limit and narcolepsy is severe in this case psychologist  can help you with certain medicine.

Normally whatever medicine prescribed for this sleeping disorder is stimulant, anti-depressants or sodium oxybate etc. Above every kinds of medicine have side effects so always keep in mind try to solve this issue with changing habits pattern strictly still it will not solve then only go to the doctor and get medicine. Always keep in mind only medicine will not work ultimately you have to change your life style pattern. Medicine will just help you but ultimately it depends on you. You are the person who can come out of the narcolepsy in less time.