What Fish Can Live For Bettas

This article is all fish can live with bettas bettas happy and may have problems with other fish. First, you must understand that bettas are a very independent kind of species of fish. There are many people who would like to add different types of aquarium fish them, but they need to know is that bettas are solitary and territorial fish can be very aggressive when it comes to protecting their territory.

While there are some fish that can live with betta, it does not assure you with 100% positive that it will work. There are so many things that can affect such a set online, but as long as you can monitor your betta fish and your other well, then you have a good chance to make it work.

Betta fish can live a solitary life, especially if the aquarium is less than 5 liters, but if you want to have 2 betta in, then you will need a larger tank, because once again, fighting Betta will do anything to her merkkaavat the territory. They can attack anyone they think is trying to challenge the territory.

Bettas females are less aggressive than male betta bettas and is known for being the most aggressive of all the Crowntail betta. Betta fish will attack anyone with bright colored fins have. Bettas not only territorial but also very vain creatures. So careful mixing other beautiful fish with them.

Here is a list of fish that are known to do well with betta fish:

Apple Snails – These fish like to be in hot water, just like bettas prefer to have their water tank. These fish are not colored, but are larger than bettas are fighting fish as a second thought before getting aggressive. These fish produce a lot of waste, so you may need a larger aquarium home with them.

African dwarf frogs – These are definitely the best games you can have with your bettas, but should never be confused with African clawed frogs. African clawed frogs can kill your betta! Make sure that the front paws are webbed, because it is the sign that is a dwarf African frog effect.

Cherry Ghost shrimp – they are scavengers, and they feed at the bottom so they can live well with your betta. They can live in stagnant water, and they do not produce large amounts of waste. But you need to monitor the behavior of your betta because sometimes they will see that the shrimp dinner.

And another fish that can live with bettas is the White Mountain minnow clouds. This fish is very quiet and peaceful. They are regarded as the monk in the world of fish. They can move very quickly so you can quickly escape from the aggressive behavior of your betta if you decide to attack.

Betta fish are not the typical aquarium fish, and it requires a lot of research when you want to own one to ensure that their comrades of the environment and the tank is safe for them.