What is Hacking

Hacking- the first image comes in mind is a negative one, of a geek with his spectacles on, sitting in front of computer stealing someone’s password or not obeying rules and entering restricted cyber areas but what we don’t understand is hacking is totally a different thing from stealing. Instead Hacking has got a positive meaning not a negative meaning like we all know. It originally refers to the programming aspect of computer involving in security of computer systems. In earlier days of computer era the hacking term was coined to denote those people who specialize in programming languages and deal with security.

But now-a day hacking word is commonly used for describing only those who violates rules and accessing systems without any authorization. But this type of hackers are put in a special category giving them name Crackers which is a totally different version of hacking. For hackers, a clear line of ethics is defined which involves not breaching or exploiting security of any system. If they do they do it only to improve the security of the system. They often work with developer companies to help them improve the security of the system fixing the bugs in the system. Believe me hackers only have noble intentions unlike crackers who do it for fun or theft. So we should be aware of crackers not hackers. Hackers and crackers can be considered as good and evil in the online cyber world.

Now a days hacking is taken as a career by many aspiring programmers. Every country is developing cyber security cell whose only aim is to prevent the cyber-crime. So many career opportunities are being generated. So a question arises what are the qualities needed to be a hacker/cracker. To become a hacker only one quality is needed and that is how you take rules….abide them or break them. Choice is yours. This quality only distinguishes hackers from other people. Every other quality like knowledge of programming and other things comes after this. If your choice is breaking rules you have the quality…go on cyber world is waiting for you but remember maintain your ethics always because it’s the only thing which count in online cyber world.