What is Linkedin?

Linkedin.com is a social networking site similar to Facebook.com which however has a more professional business edge to it than Facebook. On Linkedin registered members focus predominantly on business information and business-related opportunities rather than social networking and individuals who are seeking to augment their professional profile and exposure on the World Wide Web should definitely consider building their professional network on Linkedin.com. 

To reap all the professional and networking benefits from Linkedin might take a while. The key to increase your professional advantages is to increase your professional network. Find the people that you know including your friends, previous and current colleagues or employers, business partners and people who are in your professional field. The larger your network the more opportunities will be available through Linkedin.com. 

Linkedin.com provides several advantages for people seeking to network on a professional level. These include the possibility of boosting your work as a freelance writer, expanding your professional network, getting recommended by people in your line of business, finding the job you always wanted and much more. 

1. Expand your professional network

Linkedin.com makes it easier than ever before to increase your professional network. Search for groups or individuals with similar professional interests or people seeking to recruit individuals with the services you can offer. 

2. Boost your freelance work

Linkedin.com offers members a free way to market their services. Setting up a profile which provides the details about your professional interests and your professional experience facilitates connections with groups and individuals seeking your services. Linkedin.com also allows you to display your portfolio by linking your personal website or blog to your profile. 

3. Get recommended by people you trust

People seeking to recruit individuals prefer to recruit people recommended by people they trust. The more you expand your professional network the more business opportunities you gain. Your connections can assist you in business opportunities you could otherwise have missed. 

4. Find the job you always wanted

Researching for your dream job on Linkedin.com has become slightly easier. Whether you want to work in a particular company or wish to venture in the freelance world you can find connections on Linkedin.com that facilitate your way to new professional contacts. 

5. Enhance your marketing for free

Using Linkedin.com is also a marketing tool for people who are in sales or offer a particular service. By increasing your exposure in your line of business Linkedin.com makes it easier to connect to those people who are interested in the services you have to offer. In turn, these people can also recommend you to other people who might be interested in your services. The possibilities available to enlarge your professional network are endless with Linkedin.com.