What is Naad Yoga?

What is Naad Yoga?

The word Yoga means union. The word Naad means sound. Naad Yoga is the yoga of sound. Becoming one with the sound.

Sound is vibration and it is said that everything in the universe is vibrating. By repeating the sounds we become one with the universe.

Is this possible? Yes! Dr. Emoto , a Japanese researcher. has shown in his famous experiment the effect that is produced by certain vibratons on water that become ice crystal. The results are as beautiful as astounding. By repeating positive words he has shown that te most beautiful and symmetrical crystals are formed. Conversely, by repeating negative words the most ugly and misformed crystal are produced.

Considering that our bodies are for a greater part made up of water and that the same proces is at work in us, then it follows that we are effected by the vibrators in and around us.

All words carry vibrations but some carry better vibrations than others. The mantras used in Naad Yoga can be syllables , words, or phrases. They are holy and thus carry the highest vibratons.

The mantras that are used actually “are” the things they are meant to represent. This is a subtle thought. I will try to give an example- when we say the word “bread” we do not have bread. We have a word that repetent bread but we do not have bread itsellf. We cannot eat the word. However the word “ong” meaning “creation” actuele contains the vibrational value of creation in it. Consequently it actually is the thing it represents.

There is also the action of the tongue hitting the palette of the mouth.  There exists  a whole array of energetic points in the mouth that when stuck by the tongue creates various energetic connections. These in turn help us to regain a balanced and fully functioning energetic system.

Daily repetition of the mantras can even help us to take on another destiny.  It can give us a new road to follow.  If we were on the road to failure and depression we can break through the depression and start on a new way to succes and freedom.

By repeating the mantras we can raise our vibrational rate to that of the highest spheres and so experience that feeling of limitless expansion that is our true nature and god given right.