What is The Best Medication For Migraine?

When we are having a migraine headache, usually caused by stress, diseases or the environment, we look for a quick remedy that most of the times results to be a pharmaceutical one, a medication; but we do not know how these medications can affect other organs or our health. This article talks about the 3 most common medication used for migraines:

First and most common of these reliefs is the Aspirin, from Bayer laboratory. This medication is made of acetylsalicylic acid and this active ingredient is made to reduce inflammation and swelling, the two facts that cause pain. Aspirin is very used because the access to it is very easy and it helps for minor pains and fever, but in the other hand, we can find that it can be almost mortal for people that have thin blood because it makes it thinner, it can provoke gastrointestinal ulcers and stomach bleeding if you use it for a long term.

Another common medication is Tylenol Ultra Relief Migraine Pain, made by Tylenol, brand which has plenty of other drugs for reducing pain and fever, Tylenol is made of acetaminophen which reduces pain also and it is considered to be the pain relief drug that has less side effects. It is important to mention that the use of this medication combined with drinking alcohol can cause even death. Tylenol reduces head, joint and muscular ache and it also reduces fever but it can also cause liver, kidney or other organ damage.

Finally Advil Migraine manufactured by Pfizer and whose active ingredient is ibuprofen, it is softer than the other medication before mentioned but it´s effect do not last long, it is good for body pain which is related to arthritis and menstrual pain. It has intestinal bleeding or nausea as side effects.

We can conclude that these 3 drugs have benefits over others but for example, if you are looking for long term relief you should not take Advil, or that if you have kidney or liver problems Tylenol would not be your first option and in the case of Aspirin, that it can be very aggressive with the stomach in case you use it very often. So be free to choose any of these medications considering which side effects each one have.

And just for informational matters, there are plenty of natural remedies that are very effective for pain releasing and do not make any harm to our body. This article is meant to talk about the pharmaceutical medication but it can be very interesting to search for alternative ways to relief our pain.