What is The Difference Between The Miniature Horses And Ponies

The horses are also used for many purposes like the horses play a very important role in the means of transportation. People use any of the horses for the transport purposes like if they want to take some kind of stuff from one place to another then they used the horses. The horses are also used for the riding purposes like if the people are interested to know about the riding the horse then they first choose the breed because the horses are present in many breed and these horses are very expensive and many of the horses are not easily found in all the country. if the people want the best type of the horse then they have to export those horses from the several countries.
The pony is also the kind of horse but is different from the other horse in such a way that the pony has very small hands and feets and varies in very small height. But on the other hand the horse has very good height and size. There are also present the miniature horses and also people found the miniature pony which has also some distinguish features and due to them they are being separated from one another.
The people of the American nation classify the categories in which the miniature horses and the miniature ponies are being placed in different categories like they have made the category A in which those miniature horses and miniature ponies are being place whose height is small then the ordinary horses and the second is the category B in which the ponies and horses are placed which are more smaller in the sizes and those whose feet’s and hands are very small.
The main thing about the miniature horses and the miniature ponies is that they are also available in different colors like many of these animals are of grey colors and many of the others are of black and brown in colors. The children who like the most are their miniature ponies because they look so cute and children’s like them and they want to buy theses ponies. The miniature horses and miniature ponies are also used for many purposes due to their speed because the speed of these horses and ponies are very fast and also they usually used in many forest areas.
The main purpose of the miniature horse and the miniature ponies are that they are being used in many mines in order to do the better like people can put the lights on them and used them in the mines and they used these miniatures because the size of the horses and ponies are very small. They are also being used for the entertainment purposes like they are being placed in the zoo so that most of the people especially the children’s see them and become happy. These miniatures are mainly used for the entertainment of the children.