What to do if you are receiving unwanted messages on Facebook

The virtual life of Facebook can end up looking a lot like real life. Each day, you get lots of friend requests, sometimes from totally strangers and sometimes from people with common friends. When it comes to strangers, you are extremely cautious as you do not wish them to have a full access in your profile and personal info. But, when it comes to friends of friends of yours, you are not that strict; especially when it comes to people with a descent profile and a really nice profile picture. And that is when everything turns upside down. For quite some time now, you did not interact so you decided to remove this person from your friends. And now you wish you have not done it. Every day you keep receiving unwanted messages asking for explanations. Are you sick and tired of it and want to end it? Thankfully, Facebook is extremely harsh when it comes to cyberbullying offering you a variety of options to make it happen. Specifically:

1. As the site indicates, you can block any Facebook user from interacting with you in any way. Just click on the ‘Privacy Settings’ tab and then on the ‘Block People’ option. There, type the name of the abuser and press enter. From now on, this person will be permanently blocked and unable to send you messages, post on your wall, see your profile or even find you via the ‘Search’ engine.

2. Additionally, you can make your profile almost invisible by limiting down the searching options others have to locate you in Facebook. In particular, open up the ‘Search Privacy’ page and choose which limitations given you wish to enable making it difficult for others to send you messages.

On the other hand, there are times you constantly receive spam emails, requests and notifications from various Facebook applications and not from specific users. They may not be offensive but they can end up being extremely irritating. To find peace from spam emails, you can block any Facebook application by clicking on the ‘Block this Application’ option found under each request.

Moreover, you can report any message you receive as a spam. Go to ‘My Inbox’ and on the center of the main menu you will find the ‘Report as Spam’ option. Click on it and the selected message will instantly be categorized as spam.

Unfortunately, receiving unwanted and spam emails is a daily routine on the internet and Facebook is no exception. Nevertheless, Facebook developers try their best to save you from any trouble offering you a number of solutions for every case making Facebook a safe environment for people to interact with each other. Just choose any of them and enjoy!