Whatever Happened Between Scott Discik and Sofia Richie?

Although the couple is still together, they might have spent a few nights apart after their public fight. And to make things even more interesting (for us!) it’s been said that, of all people, Sofia has the sympathy of the Kardashians.

Photo: Courtesy of instagram-com/sofiarichie

Not so long ago, the self proclaimed Lord and his girlfriend, Sofia Richie, were out attending Derby Day in Melbourne, Australia. Everything seemed to be going fine… Until it wasn’t. They were spotted having a heated argument and sources said that Sofia ended up wiping tears from her eyes.
The couple didn’t break up that night, though, and things seemed to get better, as Scott was seen giving comfort by resting his hand on Sofia’s arm. In spite of that, it seems that things weren’t as good as one would have hoped, as Scott and Sofia were reported to have left the event early.


Photo: Courtesy of instragra.com/letthelordbewithyou

After that, during that week, Scott made several appearances and the couple continued to be seen numerous times, until they were spotted departing on a plane, heading for Los Angeles.
HollywoodLife reports that Kourtney “feels bad for Sofía,” and is well aware of the troubles she and Scott have been dealing with. “Her heart goes out to Sofía,” an insider reveals.
Thinking about Sofia’s feelings sure is a nice gesture of Kourtney. Especially, because she has been there before, and knows first hand how challenging and frustrating it can be to be in a relationship with Scott.
The insider also revealed that “Kourt has experienced how stubborn, unpredictable, and sometimes immature Scott can be,” but also added that “Kourt also knows how wonderfully charming, sweet, and loving Scott can be too.”

Photo: Courtesy of instagram.com/kourtneykardash

Everything seems well intended so far. However, this is where the plot thickens. The insider also revealed that while Kourtney feels sympathetic to Sofia, a small part of her also hopes things between them end soon. According to the source, not only does Kourtney still miss Scott, but she also still holds on to the idea of having more kids with him. Oh, boy!
Let’s not blindly believe this last part, though. As it is completely normal for a person to occasionally miss an ex, that does not mean that you want them back.

Photo: Courtesy of Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Maddox Gallery

The truth is that neither Kourtney nor us know what really went down between Scott and Sofia. Hopefully, these two can fix their problems and happily move on.