What's All The Fuss About Using Solar Energy as Our Primary Source of Electricity?

With all of the discord spreading throughout a number of countries, most people are acknowledging that it would be optimal to plan to get themselves primed for the nastiest possible outcome.
Think about the first reaction that would come to mind if your house lost electricity in response to an bad weather incident? If you thought “man, no power”, then obviously you’re right on target.

When one considers all the things that can take place in your daily life, the lack of electricity is what we instantly miss the most. Not water, food or sanitation hits us until after we have suffered our dismay over the loss of power.

Concentrate and focus for a moment how at ease you could feel knowing that you will have your power needs met no matter what comes to pass. It could mean the difference between life and death, particularly during the winter months in colder climates.

One of the great aspects of choosing solar energy as your alternative source of power is that you will have complete control of your energy bills. The larger the solar power system is, the lower your utility bill will be. Your system would obviously cost money to purchase and install, but once you recoup those costs (in as little as 10 years), you will enjoy actually making some money! Should you elect to get off the grid entirely, you will begin to feel completely at ease, knowing your solar energy system will supply you with all the necessary electricity your requirements might demand. This would cover you, no matter what the conditions might be.
There is another possibility to help reduce your up front costs; and that is, if you have the electrical aptitude, experience or willingness to learn the skills required, you can save thousands of dollars by handling the installation of your PV power system.  You can purchase your equipment, consisting of solar modules, power inverter, batteries, cable, etc. from a local solar products retailer/wholesaler, who will gladly help you throughout the whole selection process.

Should you decide to install a grid tie (on grid) PV you should seriously take a look at the net metering laws. This type of system allows you to use the utility grid in place of the costly solar batteries as backup power for cloudy days and during the night. The utility company will literally become your power storage unit!

Then, in addition to all of the benefits listed so far, you can apply for the Federal Governments’ 30% tax credit program. You end up getting back 30% of your total costs!
Now, just the simple fact that you are using a never ending supply of energy, you are very much so helping to keep our skies clear and clean and helping to end the dependence on foreign oil.Altogether, no matter what your political party is, the more we use our Sun directly as our main power source, the better we’ll be.