When Does Religion Show us The Way to Reveal Truth?

“We speak of truth, religion, justice, moral principles, right? Similarly, in order to master them for ourselves, we should possess right judgment, conscience and reason. Now, who stands at the head of the whole lot? Well, it is intellect. Who is there beyond it? Knowledge.”—Yes, it is knowledge that stands above all and ever matchless.

What happens in reality with the great men? The findings are being assessed in the light of Ma-Mahajnan. She says, “Well, you understand then a slight glimmering of that light has stolen into this realm of ours. By dint of which innate knowledge, conscience, judgment—we feel all, derived from that. It’s in that realm of seeking and getting. It comes here too.”–No no, this much doesn’t make things clear to us. We have yet to know much about it, haven’t we? Let us delve deep. May we come back to our desire and attachment.

“But is not one thing quite true, it can’t be pulled up by the roots? Can’t we uproot it and cast it away? That can never be. We have to retain side by side both (desire and non-desire) the realms. What then? In between the two there flows a vast river. As it is, one cannot, standing on one bank, know and understand very much of what there is on the other. But if you come near the edge–it’s not that you can’t get a glimpse of the things on the other side. That you can.”

Yes, a genius speaks and writes in his own way. He feels himself properly exposed. Ordinary people, with little knowledge, cheer him. He is judged by his deeds never by his personal character. Well, unless we count on his private life, how the things he aspires as perfectly done could be achieved. with blunders at the root can seeds have better sprout? The Great Mother raises this question throughout her life in very many ways. Shouldn’t we be alert of it?       

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