Which is Better Postcard or Envelop?

Many business owners always look for the best marketing strategy and sometimes it is difficult for them to judge which marketing strategy is better. In this article you will find the answer. Let’s see!

Simple rules of thumb can define it in a better way. You can choose any marketing strategy according to your needs that fits your advertising strategy.

·         If you are sending information to your target audience without their request than postcard is the best choice.

·         If your target audience has required information from you, then you should choose envelope marketing strategy because it will make them to feel special.

Feel the difference, in option “A” you are looking for the prospect but in option “B” you already have the good prospect. I hope you got my point.  In option “B” you have already developed the interest among your target consumers through your some kind of marketing strategy but in option “A” you have to develop initial interest among your target consumers to your business products and services.

For the option B, as you have already created the interest now you have maintain this interest with your powerful mail package so any interesting information required by target consumers should look personal and special. A letter containing the product information, benefits and services opportunities can play a better role in maintain that interest. Remember, letter should be customer focused than any general information. You should bullet the number of benefits of your products and services to enhance consumer’s interest. You can even send your sample with letter; this is a better way to close the sale.

However, if you want to create your mailing list or want to create initial interest among your target consumers – you should choose postcard marketing. Postcard is wonderful option to generate high sales lead. You must use postcards as “cold-action”.

Postcards save your expense. For postcard postage you will only cost 20 – 32 cents and for envelops you may cost 55 cents. This is a big difference. Postcards are cost-effective and very powerful with a strong mailing list. If you have mailing list in your marketing strategy campaign then you should go for the postcards. Postcard marketing works best with mailing list.

You can use envelops as the follows up for your target consumers. Envelops can be used as a second punch in your mail order marketing strategy.  If you are at initial stage of marketing, then choose postcard marketing first then use other marketing strategies for the follow ups.