Why Cannot we Trade in The Share Tips on The Actors And Actresses?

We researchers are always thoughtful and have this strange habit (good/bad whatever you say) of forming an idea from every situation that comes across us. This time the focal point of my thinking is my wife Mrs.Michelle Smith, who has this habit of watching lots of Hindi movies and reading cinema centric magazines. Every time I would see her reading filmy magazines one or the other after finishing off her daily household chores.  I don’t understand what these women gain by intervening into the private affairs of these artists. What to talk of them, even the media finds it pleasurable by creating big issues of their petty affairs. Each and every one of us is aware of the hotshot news on Rahul Mahajan( son of the deceased BJP member Pramod Mahajan) of brutally beating his wife “Dimpy Ganguly” . But how many of them know about the recent reserve rate hike by RBI or the profit growth revealed by ICICI BANK recently? Not many of them I can guarantee because almost every news channel had this stupid news aired on them.

Looking into the current mental state of the people, I thought why not to just start trading these artists by availing tips for them through a broker just like we trade in shares through share tips ? Just see what kind of money multiplier it can be for everyone who finds it interesting in reading about these artists. Till now I have my own set of gathering where we all talk and discuss on what share tips to bent on to take my buy or sell decisions, but if my idea fructifies, my own wife would come out even a bigger filmy analyst in determining which artists to trade in. She would just have her own set of share tips on buying this artist or the other. She would say…” Hey, Just go long on Kareena Kapoor, You know she has managed to secure a position in the FILMFARE POWER LIST 2009?? Her share which is currently trading at 350 would jump over to 400, you see?? Just go short on Ranbeer Kapoor, yesterday only I have read in Delhi times that his movie “ANJAANA ANJAANI” has flopped at the Box office”. I don’t think that this share would make a high of 600 his time.”

Isn’t it a good idea?? At least these set of women who have been reading all this stuff without any reason would get a reason to it. And moreover they can generate their own wealth .But all of it depends upon these artists whether they will allow their share tips to be traded on the stock exchange or not??It is still the question unanswered. What do you think?? Should I send this recommendation to Dr. Manmohan Singh? What do you say?

Share Market is fraught with rampant fluctuations and the investor may incur severe losses unless he follows an appropriate strategy before making any share investments therein. Hence relying on the feasible share tipsimparted by the researchers is pertinent enough before taking any bet on a specified security.