Why Did I Get Married?


“Why did I get married? -She says I don’t do enough (or as much as she does at least)!!! She doesn’t listen to me and always tries to get her point across first! She farts on me, in her sleep and on the couch! And she snores like a Lioness!!! She picks fights and disrespects me at the most embarrassing moments (usually when her family or

mine is around)-It’s almost like she treats me like a child!, and then she sleeps all the time and when she isn‘t sleeping she‘s working! What was I



So….the question is “Why”?…

Let’s back up a little bit and talk about marriage for a little bit, because in order to answer this question, we must first ask ourselves, ”What is marriage?”


Marriage-interpreted from many books, dictionaries and articles- is a legal contract,… covenant…a companionship,.. a body of trust between a man and a woman,… a uniting of two souls, minds, bodies, and spirits.

So….the question is “Why”?…

…I look above at the top of this page,… I see all that I have complained about and I realize that I have complained more than I have complemented!-I have put on the table everything that I fell that she does and says wrong, but I have not put on the table anything that I fell that she says or does right….

I now make my attempt…

-She makes it a point to kiss and hug me before we depart from each other wherever we are, no matter what…She works 12 hours a day in a 3ft x 4ft cubicle behind a computer, (which explains why she comes home exhausted)-she helps me provide for our family,…she gets up at 4:15 in the morning, makes me coffee and lays my clothes out for work and wakes me up for work(which explains why she probably relates the situation to “like taking care of a child” because she does the same for the kids with breakfast and laying their clothes out for school…she makes me breakfast when I’m hungry for it…she feeds me period!…-she cooks for me (even when we argue or fight, no matter what)!…she struggles with me,…she motivates, inspires, and encourages me-which, if you think about it, relates to the “feeds me” part because Lord knows there are times wedding+ring.jpgwhen I am down and out and she feeds me just the right amount of faith, hope and love to help me spiritually and get me through it-she helps me…she loves me,…she puts up with me.. even when I fart in my sleep (so she says) or when we‘re on the couch watching a movie,.. or when I want to get my point across because I feel that what I’m saying is more important than what she is saying,.. or when I unnoticeably disrespect her in front of our friends and/or family….she puts up with me,.. through thick and thin,.. she struggles with me,.. financially, spiritually, physically, and mentally,…because she loves me.

-It is at this point that I, or anyone, can realize the answer to the question, “Why did I get married?”
You see, you have to weigh the bad and the good.-In the paragraphs above, I typed almost all of the bad in the first paragraph and decided I would try to name some good,.. I‘m not a very fast typist so after typing half of the good, I think that the picture would be clear.

Marriage, along with life, is not perfect- it was never meant to be nor will it ever be, but that is the best part. It’s up to you to make it “your” perfect. In a marriage you (will) have ups and downs,.. it’s inevitable. But when it all comes down to it, you have to look at the situation as a whole before you can fully understand it, or, in this case, ask yourself the question, “Why did I get married?”

wedding+rings+2.jpg Open up your mind and your heart and try to understand what I‘m saying…

A lot of people who are married in today’s time struggle mentally and spiritually with their companionship because they let the “ways of the world” interfere-pride, drugs, sex, and money. Without Trust,.. Faith,.. Hope,.. Love,.. Joy,.. -the foundation of marriage- we will all lose our marriages and, ultimately, ourselves. The foundation, or the base, of marriage is not to be confused with the walls or the roof (which can collapse or fall through with enough fury from the wind). happiness, communication, understanding, truth, honesty, beauty, smarts, good looks, ,…these are all things that can change. But a foundation, can remain,.. it won’t fall through,.. it won’t collapse,.. And everything does cave in it it up to both of you if you want to rebuild or move on. It takes two people willing to repair, rebuild, or “maintain” a marriage-because lets face it if you don’t keep a marriage up by putting time and effort, love and affection and all that good stuff into it, it ain’t gonna work!!! In other words, you get what you put in it whether you agree or not!-I can just hear somebody out there disagreeing with me saying “Well, I put a whole lot in and don get nothin in return!” I would say “It sounds to me like you’re puttin a whole lotta s’thin in somebody ain’t wantin!” (*just kidding, but seriously though*) : )

Some people may agree and/or disagree with me, understand and/or misunderstand me, and I welcome your criticism, positive and/or negative. Please, tell me what you think, or what you know, or how you feel, I’m all ears.