Why do Not Want to "when" Mozhetsya?

But it happens that from
realization of the natural aspirations of man refuses and for longer – through persuasion or pevni does is forced. How does it affect health?

This told us Zasyeda Yuri, chief doctor-sexologist clinic “Male Health” (Kyiv) and Roman Kopec, doctor-urologist regional center reproductive health (Lviv).

– So, can interfere with the maintenance?

Yu Zasyeda: – Our orhanizm working on some scheme, so if one of m’yaziv stops working, he begins atrofuvatysya. That is: when is sexual system operates, there hormonalni
violations zastiy blood in genital organs. In particular, women causes menstrual irregularities, pain head development dystoniyi, neurosis, prydatkiv inflammation, diseases of the uterus and mammary glands, even the appearance novoutvoriv. And it can lead to serious somatic diseases, breach functions hormoniv schytopodibnoyi cancer, genital nadnyrnykiv i hormoniv.

The biggest causes are damage to health maintenance if the presence of physiological desires. A minimum system suffers for sexual situations, if not i do not want mozhetsya.

Robert Kopec: – The biggest damage causing retention votes that hronichni zastiyni disease reproductive system, the most frequent of which are prostatitis (on the development of this disease is often not pidozryuyut Men i). If this is a problem in human psychological plan, retention may exacerbate the disease, strengthening
zastiynyh phenomena in peredmihuroviy zalozi, falling overall health.

Speaking about the Wives, the content is not only harmful to young persons who have not had a sexual life. It operates regularly in yunakiv polyutsiy mechanism. Later is recommended conditional physiological rate for males consists of two sexual contacts during the week.

But everything depends primarily from sexual constitution (which to some extent inherently transmitted). If the husband engaged in sports, the level of sexual hormoniv in his organism is
higher sexual activity of i increases. Increases sexual activity system is rich in proteins and fats i food. Under these conditions hold only harm.

But if people decide to abstain from sexual relationships during fasting, respectively zminyuyuchy while food, then all
vidbuvatymetsya harmonic.

There is also the forced detention, which they called “sailor’s disease. This is a long stay in a closed sotsiumi (swimming korabli, army, prison). When povernenni to normal males in the paper said the failure of reproductive system, but with mostly everything adjusted.

– The latest time dedali popularity becomes greater than the movement of “life without sex” – “aseksualizm. How to put this medicine?

Yu Zasyeda: – Well, if viryt man in his right, then the damage this way of life cause. You can Compare with behavior
religious people. Skazhimo, during Lent, they consciously refrain from intymnyh Relations. But in this period, all Energy sublimuyetsya on a task, such as prayer, repentance.

A. Kopec: – Longer time foisting our American culture, because we forget that sex – not a game. A zvidsy and
distribution of large number of diseases, absence of sexual culture among young people. Natomist in papuasiv pidpuskaye women to their husband only then when tsvite … palm. In many sects stemmed kryshnayitiv people have sex only to continue these. If a person is aware, the functions of the body are regulated independently.

And then there are so zvani “sublimovani” people who find else withdrew seksualniy energy – up your potential in creativity they direct or Religious sluzhinnya. Because sexual life – a strong psyhoemotsiyne load. And it prevents. Because some of the people consciously refuses from this sphere of life, while pochuvayuchys very comfortable.