Why Do We Suffer?what Can we Do?

       In most cases, happiness is confused with pleasure. “From the middle of the bitterness that poisons wells, springs pleasure scent of flowers,” wrote the romanian  poet and philosopher Lucretius in “De rerum nature (the nature of things).There is a proverb which says that even  the most beautiful rose has its thorns. The major drawback is that pleasure does’t last for long , that’s why people run after repeated pleasures , a habit that is likely to become at one time vice.The pleasure is unable to fulfill us deeply  and therefore, even if you experience a lot of pleasure in life you still feel that something is missing.
       Happiness, on the other hand, is profound, plenary, and gives lasting peace and tranquility. If 
pleasure can turn in to suffering, either because it is over,  or in time has led to painful consequences, happyness does not have such consequences. Happiness means harmony. It puts an end to all suffering. While pleasure always urges us to  seek even a bigger pleasure   , chaining the human being, happiness, conversely, frees us.Happiness is freedom. When we are happy we are fulfilled . The “pleasure hunter” is always unfulfilled and therefore always looking for that add-on , which , because he channels his efforts to something outsde his being he will never find.If pleasure were synonymous with happiness, the consumer society that provides easy access to all kinds of pleasures, will  make all human beings happy. Instead, in our society there are many people with serious emotional problems  and depressed. More and more psychiatrists deemed that such society is the most sick of all that ever existed on this planet. This frightening truth should not surprise us considering the way the media intoxicate people’s minds with violence and dark aspects of life.