Why do You Need to Have a Lasting Power of Attorney UK Now?

Why do You Need to Have a Lasting Power of Attorney UK Now?

There are a number of reason why it is important to set up a Lasting Power of Attorney UK now. In this article we are going to examine just six of them.

1. In resent years there have been a number of cases of people becoming incapacitated either through sudden illness, accident or old age, where the family have real trouble managing there affairs or even paying their domestic bills simply because they do not have power of attorney.

2. Unless you chose your own attorney when you are capable, there is no guarantee that the person you trust will be granted power by the Court of Protection. You could have a situation where the Court retains that position or appoints a professional deputy, in which case the costs against your estate can quickly mount up.

3. A lasting power of attorney UK takes up to 3 months to come into effect, therefore it is very important it is prepared long before it is needed.

4. By choosing your own attorneys you will have the authority to determine exactly how and when they are to act on your behalf. You will be able to give them detailed guideline with in the deed to ensure that your specific wishes are known to them and they will be legally bound to comply with your wishes.

5. If you are single and sole owner of your property having a lasting power of attorney is very important. You could avoid problems that could arise if you become unable to manage the sale of your home, deal with home insurance, repairs and more.

6. If you have an accident and are confined to hospital and you become incapacitated it is essential that you already have an LPA in place in order that you and your affairs can be managed as you would want them to be. With a solicitor’s help, registering an LPA can be an easy, hassle-free process.

Why should you use an experienced and competent solicitor to help you prepare your lasting power of attorney UK
If you complete the LPA application yourself it can be very time consuming; a solicitor will provide you a fast, efficient and reliable service
Without a solicitor’s advice, you may unwittingly restrict the very action that you need carried out by another person on your behalf later in life
When your LPA application is completed by an experienced and competent solicitor you will have complete piece of mind that your LPA exactly reflects your intentions
If after registering your LPA you think of further questions, for example you might want to revoke it, your solicitor is only a telephone call away
You will be appointed the same solicitor who will be your point of contact throughout the entire LPA application process The importance of a lasting power of attorney UK cannot be overstated as the absence of one could cause massive problems for you and your family in the future. Like wills and life insurance, many people do not want to think about the ‘unthinkable’ but the simple fact is that without proper planning and forethought you are leaving your entire future to chance.
Contact an experienced and competent solicitor to get your lasting power of attorney in place now.