Why Men Shy Away From Commitment

It feels really great to be in love with a guy who seems crazy about you, but the moment you start talking about taking your relationship to the next level, he shuts down.  Then you would think, the man who loved you so much from the bottom of his heart, wouldn’t love to marry you? Such men are called commitment phobic, who fears settling down with one woman. But there can be many reasons for a man who won’t commit and once you understand, you can guide him towards a happily married future with you.
One of the main reasons some men skip away from commitment is lack of trust in the love that they have found. And this is indeed very sad. ,
A commitment phobic man will love to spend time with you and when you are together, he will treat you well and you will feel a very strong bond with him. But after that, you may find him avoiding you by keeping you at arm’s length and you will feel the chill.
Another reason as to why men shy away from commitment is they are not sure what their life will be, when they take a step towards more serious relationship. He will try to compare his bachelor status with married life. If he has married friends who always complain about their nagging wives, it will create a negative impact about a married life in his life and he will certainly hesitate to propose to you.
Other reason can be insecurity about his job. If his job is not stable, or he has lot of debts to pay, he will certainly feel insecure. After all marriage is bringing up a family, and for that he needs lot of money to realize their dreams. This may be another reason  for his lack of interest.
Every man need space to hang out with his guys and there is nothing wrong with this and if he feels that you are too interfering and not letting him enjoy his freedom, he will fear of his loss of freedom and will have issues with commitment.
It needs lot of patience for women to turn around a commitment phobic man. I have seen many men who has been with his woman for years, suddenly leaves her and marry another woman within six months of dating her.
Every man has his own reason for not wanting to commit and run away from commitment and at this stage, it is the duty of the partner to help him move past and bring about a positive state of mind. You have to do all the things you can do to make him want to marry you. There should be a deep emotional attraction between you and he should feel something that he hasn’t felt with anyone else and you can’t do this by showing how great you are, but how you put your first foot forward and bring that comfort level between you.