Why Rich People Become Even Richer

We always complain that rich people become richer while poor people become poorer. One thing I am sure poor people get poorer is that they love to celebrate despite financial problems. During birthdays and other occasions, they usually make sure to have a celebration even if they have to loan for money. Since I am not one of those who have been lucky to be rich, I needed to refer to some resources why rich people get even richer. I was so amazed of their secrets. Here are some of them:

  1. Billionaires or rich people are thrifty. No wonder they keep on climbing up the ladder of Forbes Magazine’s list of richest people in the world. When buying things, they make sure they have all the options like lesser price with same quality instead of just buying the branded or the most expensive ones. They knew that not all expensive things are superior in quality. They value items with quality rather than just the brand or the price of it.
  2. They are smart shoppers. Most of them say they use discount coupons in some of their personal luxuries. This is what is called smart shopping. These coupons are acquired from credit cards, in the internet, and even in stores. Another quality of a smart shopper is buying discounted products or those with freebies.
  3. They prefer homemade food. Perhaps they have been tired of eating in expensive restaurants. Besides, eating in fancy restaurants is like eating the money and not the food itself. They hate that. They prefer a well-cooked food at home rather than those that looked and tasted fancy and artificial.
  4. They are strict with family planning. I have observed that those who are financially troubled are the ones having a big family. That is another reason they become poorer. Very rich people could provide their whole family with the most of every material thing. One thing they also consider is having a quality time with the family. Having a huge family would only disrupt their always hectic schedule.

These are 4 of the main common reasons rich people get richer and poor people get even poorer. I have nothing against being poor because I belong to that category. And I am proud of it. Because whether you are rich or poor, you have the choice to be whatever you want to be. You can be rich yet anxious, disturbed and stressed out. Or you can be poor yet happy, fulfilled and satisfied. Sometimes, we might think it still matters whether you are rich or poor. But in the end it still depends on you. It depends on how you handle with what you have.