Why Should You Run as a Sport Activite ?

What these people have in common? :
1. A 3 year old girl away from her mother and ran across the lawn awkwardly, smiling with joy.

2.A housewife 43 years trotting in the park with its colorful running shoes.

3. A skinny boy of 15 years trying to keep up with the pack in a cross-country, hoping to be part of team B. His name is Jim Ryun. This could be as Sebastian Coe
and Steve Ovett.

4. A teacher of 29 years walk to the starting line with his wife, two children and a picnic basket and he welcomes his opponents with great pleasure.

5. Far behind the front men, soundly defeated, a solitary rider gives the maximum, excited because he is beating his personal best.

6. One of the best runners in the United States changes its specialty in the meeting organized by the TAC because its main purpose is to be part of Team USA
to compete in Europe.

7. Billy Mills surprised the world with his miraculous sprint in the final stretch of the Olympic 10,000 meters and touches the tape with arms raised high in triumph.

8. A physicist in nuclear physics 39 years old passes the finish line, trotting, the 36ge place, quite pleased with himself.

9. Jim Grelle, beaten by all the runners of a mile, continues to improve while abandoning his peers. At 28, he became the fourth fastest runner of all time, and 29
years he has run more miles in less than 4 minutes than anyone else.

Obviously, each of them manifest a common interest in running, but each has a different motivation:

Number one short for the pure joy of moving. This girl looks like a young dog in the yard or jumping to a foal galloping in a pasture. This is a purely animal pleasure from the kinesthetic sensation of speed, power and natural freedom.

Anyone who is physically fit feels pleasure to run. Children are comparable to the older riders in their natural endurance and they run constantly playing.
They gradually lose the pleasure if they do not exercise but they left with renewed interest in the sport.

Sebastian Coe, Olympic champion in the 1,500 m in 1980 and 1984, and all the great runners the state: “At first they do not like to run for the enjoyment of the race itself.”

Ron Clarke, who was in his day an outstanding distance runner, said: “I have a total pleasure to run 100 miles a week. If it was not the case, I would not do it. “

In the beginning, man has indeed evolved as an animal that runs. Although not as fast on two legs most of the large animals on four legs, he was running for his life and to find food. Its speed and endurance grew to exceed those of many animals.

A child can naturally capture a large hare of the American West in a fenced field where the hare can not hide. And his pleasure comes from its ability to do so. In the
most sports, running is part of the game

Worldwide, thousands of people run for fun. They run like children, with an absolute joy.

A little older, their games are more formality and they play tag or make impromptu races. At the age of traditional games, they run on time, basketball, football, rugby or less intense efforts.