Why Siri Was Excluded From Ipad 3 ?

The ipad 3 event was one of the most anticipated event of 2012.We made lots of guesses about the new ipad.The most discussed one was whether ipad would be called as ipad 3 or ipad HD,apple didn’t go for a change for the brand name.Another one we expected was Siri : the personal assistant which was introduced with iphone 4s.

Why apple did not mention about siri in the ipad 3 event?

Many of us are disappointed with the exclusion of siri from the third generation ipads.Siri was one of the greatest softwares released ever.Apple developed siri in collaboration with the department of defense and currently only available in iphone 4s.The ipad 3 was expected to have siri.But unfortunately we lost it,why?

Siri has become dumber ?

Do you know? 5 months after its release siri has gone back to its alpha stage,Why?What happened to the the software developed by the great lions?The answer is, Lots of people started asking so many questions which became a heavy load to apple servers and siri started making mistakes.As we know siri gives answer after a heavy processing in the servers.So huge number of questions makes the siri less efficient.That’s what happened.

So if apple provide siri to ipad 3 users they also ask questions to siri and siri will become a failure.Apple is working hard to resolve the problems and lets hope they do it soon.We can expect siri in the new ipad next year.

Siri needs 24×7 internet connectivity

Siri is a big software as we know.It is based upon artificial intelligence.Whatever we ask,siri send the data to apple’s servers and after processing she deliver the answer.So for this we need 24X7 internet connectivity.Since the new ipad 3 comes with 4G technology which is very costly the people may not wish for a 24X7 internet connectivity for siri.The cheapest model is with only wifi which doesn’t give a full time internet connectivity at all if you are a traveller.That is just another reason for ipad 3 without siri.

I think these are the main reason why apple didn’t go for siri even though they had a choice.Lets hope for siri in ipad in the coming year.