Wildlife is a Part of Us Too!!!!!

    Why do we humans, emphasise greater importance to our existence and normally ignore the beauty and value of wildlife which includes the flora and fauna. Khairul’s‘A sweet moment of two great hornbills,’ prompted me to write this article out of concern for wildlife.

    The flora and fauna are the two major portions of the ecosystem that form the food web. Without the food web, the living will not survive and populations of the different organisms will not be controlled. As such, humans cannot exploit the flora and fauna according to their whims and fancies, as this will culminate into an imbalance within the ecosystem. Imbalance in the ecosystem will create a chain effect whereby different species will fade away into extinction with their habitat being robbed, food becoming scarce and the ability to reproduce becoming stalemate.

    Just because we humans live in houses within communities that are landscaped to suit our taste, we think that we are superior to the wildlife. Actually some of our high-rise buildings are designed by learning how animals like bees and termites build their colonies. It is interesting to learn how birds build their water proof nests and how animals survive in the wild, using their extra sensory perception to keep them safe from their natural predators or from the changing climatic conditions.

    The flora provides us with natural resources like wood for building and furniture, fibre for ropes and clothing, food like fruits, herbs for medicine. The fauna too provides food, medicine and leather. Some animals are used to make antitoxins and vaccines.

    These are a few of the importance of flora and fauna in our coexistence. I do not wish to emphasise further on other uses of the living ecosystem here. But don’t forget, the wealth and beauty of a country rests on its flora and fauna.