Will the Hawks claw conquer No. 7

The Atlanta Hawks pulled a thrilling performance to win against the Miami Heat in front of their home crowd in Atlanta Georgia. The win cemented the Hawks top most position with only the Celtics and Magic slightly behind them.

The bigger achievement for the Hawks was that they managed to equal the six game winning streak record that was jointly being held by the Lakers and the Blazers. On the other hand, the Heat lost for the very first time while playing away. In their next game, the Hawks, will try to become the first team this season to record a seven game winning streak when they host Houston Rockets.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Indian Pacers five game-winning streak came to crushing end last night. At the Verizon Center, home to the Washington Wizards, the home team overpowered the Cavaliers 108-91. The Pacers lost 110 –103 at the hands of the visiting New York Knicks. Although the Cavs and Pacers lost, when they meet on Friday it will be a battle of will be the first to bounce back after their unexpected defeats.

The Celtics, after coming out of their two game losing streaks by defeating the Golden State warriors are hosting the Orlando Magic tomorrow. A defeat for one of them will certainly make them lose ground in trying to catch up with the Hawks.

The NBA league is definitely living to its expectations of providing twist and turns in every game. Just when you think a team has finally got its winning formula, another team comes and spoils the party. The quest for the title is wide open, no clear favorites has been ear marked. Teams with big names are finding the road a bit rocky for them.

The results of today’s game will have an impact on the western conference; the Suns and Lakers are in action against the Hornets and the Bulls respectively. There is always a special feeling when the Lakers meet the Bulls. When writing about the history of the NBA, 10 out 10 people will say it is not complete if the Lakers and the Bulls information has been left out.