Wind Power | Why It is Important to Harness It?

With scientific advancements, a whole array of energy sources like wind power can now be tapped. Every single day, the demand for energy has been rising steadily putting undue pressure on the planet’s already depleted fossil fuel energy sources. Alternative energy sources look to harness clean energy using green ideas that do not hurt the planet in any way. Wind power is one of the more significant sources of energy that can be harnessed to solve our energy problems. In fact there are countries where the wind power penetration is so high that about 10% – 20 % of their energy needs have been taken care of in a commercially viable way.

It is important to harness wind power for a varied number of reasons. Firstly, wind power is plentiful and could be a great answer to our constantly increasing need for energy. Wind power is clean. This means the environment is not harmed in any way, in the whole process of producing electricity from wind power. Lastly, wind power is renewable which means that we aren’t really running a race against time as we are in case of coal or petrol. There aren’t any emissions of greenhouse gases either in case of wind power usage; so, there isn’t really a threat of causing an environmental hazard in any way.

Wind power is usually harnessed through wind mills which look like gigantic fans with blades. These rotate due to the momentum caused by wind power. Factors like wind velocities and the feasibility of setting up a grid need to be checked in order to set up these wind mills to harness wind power. A wind farm, which is nothing but a group of wind mills, sometimes hundreds, can be set up to produce electricity from wind power for entire areas. The wind power can also be harnessed for agricultural purposes. There have been a wide variety of studies to find out the amount of fuel that can be saved through wind farms that harness wind power. It is a proven fact that wind farms in feasible areas could provide cheaper energy from wind power at low cost.