Winter Blahs…

*I think a lot of the problem is that you are cooped up for months on end… if you let yourself. That’s the key right there. Don’t let yourself. Find yourself a good warm parka, a pair of warm books and gloves and get out there into the sunshine!

*I have always liked those salt lamps… the ones that have a nice soft glow. Well, I was just reading that a half hour of light from one of these lamps can really help you fight those winter blahs!

*Plan your next garden! I never throw out a magazine which might not be a good thing now that I think about it, but when I’m bored to death with winter, it’s certainly nice to pull out a magazine that features all things gardening! I can almost smell spring when I do that!

*Instead of dreading the arrival of winter, look at all of the positives that winter can bring. I’m already thinking of roaring fires, glasses of wine and winter holidays to the south. I can’t think of a better time to take a holiday!

*Have you noticed how gorgeous those big fluffy snowflakes can be and then there are the times when you look out the window on a dark night and the snow seems to positively glitter.

*As a teen I used to go sledding at night with a ton of other kids. It was so much fun, but all of that stopped when adulthood arrived. Who made that rule? It’s time to give it another try! Let the snow come… I will be ready lol!

*Save up your special dinners for this time of year and then choose a restaurant that has a roaring fire… even a few snowflakes falling to the ground will suddenly not seem so bad!

**I just might be coming around! I had no idea just how much fun winter COULD be! I guess it’s all a state of mind!