Winter Vacation Destinations

When people refer to their vacations, most of them are talking about their summer vacations. Wouldn’t it be a nice change to take a vacation as a family or couple during the winter? While all of your co-workers glare with envy as you return from a relaxing vacation, you can smile to yourself knowing that their vacations are months away. You can opt for something different.

Hershey, Pennsylvania is a great place for a winter getaway. If you make your plans during the Christmas season, be sure to visit Hershey Park, which is transformed into Christmas Candyland during the holidays. The park has over a million Christmas lights on display the month prior to Christmas.

Jukkasjarvi, Sweden is famous for its Ice Hotel. This magnificent creation is constructed annually with tons of ice and snow from the nearby Torne River. Various winter vacation packages are available in and around this little village in Sweden. Be sure to visit the Ice Hotel’s famous bar, Absolut Ice Bar, if you are 21 or older.

In the United States, New England has a variety of gorgeous locations and ski resorts throughout the six state region. Two that may sound familiar are White Mountain in New Hampshire, and a ski resort in Maine called Sugarloaf USA.

For a fun family vacation with the kids, visit Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells. This family lodge has its own indoor water parks! You can watch the kids enjoying the summer activities indoors, while you enjoy watching the snow falling outside.

Located in the beautiful Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, Canada is Mont Tremblant. The popularity of this vacation destination is partly due to the more than 600 acres of snowboarding and skiing property for those who enjoy these activities. Just remember that the U.S. dollar is worth more in Canadian dollars, so you will actually get more for your money when buying souveniers.

One of the most famous winter vacation destinations in the United States is Lake Tahoe. Bordering California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe offers something for all ages. Averaging over 360 inches of snowfall each year, helps turn the exotic resorts found there into winter wonderland fantasies.

Of course, the Caribbeans make a great vacation destination year round. A winter cruise could be just the thing for someone who lives in a region that has unseasonably harsh winters. Wouldn’t it be nice to be the envy of all of your co-workers when you return all tanned and refreshed.

No matter where you decide to go for a well deserved winter vacation, be safe and have a wonderful holiday season.