WordPress Technology


What is wordpress?

Today, we are going to talk about wordpress. But first, you need to know what exactly is wordpress. So, basically wordpress is a CMS(content management system) that is used for running most of blogging websites. A survey revealed that more than  70 % of the blogging website run on this CMS. For the purpose of explanation I would say that wordpress is a software like Microsoft word which works on an online server with the capabilities of handling php and Mysql. Php is a server side programming language which is used to design and write the coding of the software wordpress and Mysql is the database which is used for the storage of the files related to the software.

Why learn wordpress?

For working in wordpress you do not need to learn any programming language.It has been designed in such a way that anyone who does not have even basic knowledge of programming or web development can make his/her website and work on it anyway one wants. It is becoming  popular everyday since its release.You just need a domain name (name of the website) and a hosting(storage space on the internet) .Once you have these two, then you can use the tools in the control panel of the hosting in order to install wordpress on your website.

Pre-requisite knowledge

All you need is an internet connection and basics of accessing website through web browser and logging in and logging out. Then a little knowledge of basic English will enhance your efficieny to use the CMS in a better way. Other things are really easy such as adding photos and other files. In order to embed youtube videos you just have to copy the url of the video and then paste it in the article that you are about to post online through your website.

Benefits of learning

There are plenty of reasons to choose wordpress for learning because it is most used CMS in the world. Apart from being easily available it is also very easy to operate. There are numerous methods of earning online but one method is to maintain a blog online and then choose from various ways of advertising on that blog. It can be either pay per click advertising or affiliate marketing. If you have something that you can write and the world will read it then you can earn big money overnight.

I hope this article will prove to be life changing for some and just another read for others but I strongly suggest you must explore your potential and touch the heights of excellence by aiming for the horizon.

Choice is yours !