Wwe Nxt The All Diva Season 9-21-10

So another episode of the next to awful NXT.  Its like, WCW bad.  The show started with some recapping of Vickie making a fool of herself last week in the obstacle course.  Then they recapped the rest of the obstacle course.  Here is the part I didn’t get to see last week which was Michael Cole quitting.  They never did explain the gong.  But seeing Michael Cole leave is just fine with me cause I can’t stand the guy.  Too bad we can’t believe that it was a shoot.

Josh had the nerve to refer to this season of NXT as groundbreaking.  He was quick to point out that Michael Cole is gone and said we can now unmute our tv’s.  Hard to disagree with that second assessment.  But C.M. Punk’s music came on and he came out to commentate as a replacement for Cole.  Josh of course acted as though he had no idea this was going to happen.

Even if C.M. Punk spends the hour telling us about his straight edge lifestyle it will be better than listening to Michael Cole.

Matt Striker was in the ring with mic in hand to introduce all the diva rookies.

Matt spent some time recapping the success of a couple of the girls when Vickie interupted with her “excuse me!” routine as she came down to the ring.  She took credit for Kaitlyn winning the obstacle course last week.  She announced that Kaitlyn has a match with Jamie and Laycool would be her coaches or whatever.  Laycool came out with their unified Diva Championship belts. 

Laycool was given some mic time.  They bragged about themselves for a few minutes.  Then they took some time to make fun of the invidual rookies until Kelly Kelly came to the ring.  Kelly Kelly called Laycool “Dumb and Dumber” and challenged Laycool and Kaitlyn to a 3 on 3 tag match with Kelly Kelly, Naomi and Jamie.  They accepted in unison.

But first an NXT competition.  Musical chairs?  For real?  Someone in WWE creative thought this was a good idea?

AJ won the musical chairs competition.  Josh referred to it as an intense rendition of musical chairs.  This is why we don’t take the announcers seriously.  They push what they’re told to push.  Its ok to be somewhat honest about this stuff.

They had an interview segment of Aksana.  After that was over they had a backstage segment with Aksana and Goldust.  She told Goldust that he is having work visa problems and she’s afraid she’s going to be deported.  Goldust indicated that they would take care of it somehow.  “Believe in yourself” and all that good stuff.

They cut back to the commentators who took a moment to talk about the upcoming PPV Hell in the Cell.

Maxine versus AJ.  I predict a win for AJ.  Though does it truly matter?  They took a moment to show the agonizing joke contest where Maxine and AJ feud kind of started.

C.M. Punk took a moment to make fun of Michael Cole by using the word “vintage” a few times.

Punk also Sardonicly referred to NXT as the greatest show ever.  I was very confused by the final move in the match.  It looked as though Maxine suplexed AJ but C. M. Punk called out a brain buster instead and then AJ covered Maxine to get the pin. 

After the match was over Michael Cole came out to the top of the ramp asking for everyone’s attention.  He claims he got a lot of requests to return to NXT and that NXT without Michael Cole is unwatchable.   So for all the loyal fans the “Cole-Miners” he is returning to NXT.  C.M. Punk was thrilled about the decision.  However, he stuck around to commentate further.

Next was the Talk the Talk challenge with random topics that each girl would talk about for 60 seconds and the audience would be the judge.  The commentators decided it was more fun to treat the show like an episode of Mystery Science Theater and make fun of everything going on in the ring.  Naomi earned my respect by saying she wanted to wrestle rather than talk about her topic of a toupee.  But Naomi and Jamie were disqualified for not staying on topic.  The talk the talk challenge was an immense waste of time.  Aksana acted as though she didn’t know what the topic meant when she was given a topic Llama.  I have a feeling the audience hates this segment nearly as much as I do.

The 3 on 3 match started.  I predict a win for heels.  The announcers were pretty much as unprofessional as they possibly could.  I guess they want the story to be about that rather than the horrid activity in the ring.  I was wrong about my prediction.  However I must criticize the ending.  Naomi pinned Kaitlyn but Kaitlyn’s shoulders weren’t really on the mat.  Laycool got in Kaitlyn’s face and when Kaitlyn pushed Michele, Laycool teamed up on her while Vickie got in the ring and screamed at her for a moment before the show ended.

Well, the show was awful.  I can’t believe the WWE trashed ECW for NXT.  Not to suggest that ECW was all that great but it was better than this mess.

I’ll be generous and give the show a 3 out of 10.