Xbox vs PS3

Xbox 360 VS PS3?


The war of the consoles is still on, and it is still unknown as to who is the winner of this war. The Sony Playstation3 is an all in one console that can play extraordinary games, play blue-ray discs, play music, and go online to play other players and also to surf on the web. On the other hand Xbox has built up an ego for creating games for “hard core gamers” and also has Xbox Live a successful online service provided by Xbox.



Inside the PS3 is a Nividia RSX graphic card which has 256 MB worth of GDDR3 graphics memory clocked at 700MHZ. As well the system has 256 MB of system memory clocked at 3.2 GHz. There are 6 USB ports on the PS3; as well it also supports WIFI IEEE 802.11b/g which allows you to connect to your home internet. The PS3 also provides online gaming service for free by providing a membership for. Furthermore, the system has a built in blu-ray player that supports Dolby digital 5.1 channels and is capable of DVD and CD playback. It has a removable 2.5 inch hard drive that can support all sizes. It has both component and HDMI output which means that it can only support television with a minimum of a 720P resolution and is capable to go up to 1080P.

Xbox 360:

The Xbox 360 uses an IBM powered tri-symmetrical core that runs at 3.2GHz each. It has 3 USB ports. The Xbox 360 does not have a specific name for their graphic card therefore all we can determine is that this console only has 512MB of GDDR3 of ram. The system has a removable 2.5 inch hard drive which can be replace to any size. DVD playback is also possible. The Xbox 360 can only reach a maximum resolution of 1080i which is a bit short compared to the PS3. Although Xbox does not support the 1080p function it is capable of using a HDMI cable to connect to your television.


It is evident that PS3 has more new functions compared to the Xbox 360 and that the price of both consoles is similar. However, Xbox is clearly the more favoured console because of its extensive advertising in the United States and also because Xbox 360 has created an earlier price drop. Finally, the conclusion is that it is more likely that people will prefer to buy the PS3 in the near future than that of the Xbox 360. Microsoft might have to come up with a newer console once the life cycle of the Xbox 360 ends to continue to grow and prosper.