Yahoo! Answer Fails #2

As the first of this series suggested there was going to be more of these!

I won’t preface this one with more boring information about the type of people that visit Y!A and get straight to it.


At some point in this vegans life she actually thought “Am I tarnishing the reputation of a group of people that refuse to eat meat while militantly ‘educating’ and belittling others that do not because of my physical appearance?” Have you seen vegans lately? They’re boycotting of real food really isn’t putting a lot of meat on their bones if you catch my drift. This all being said, is this a very clever troll? I don’t know, there is a certain satire at work here it just seems very contrived and planned. ie. feeling guilty for being naturally pale? As long as you’re not orange (warning may cause brain to explode)

I don’t think people will mind. Generally after reading through a couple of times I am inclined to believe this to be a troll, but honestly vegans are crazy enough to think like this.


This one is a bit different, as you can see here is quite a serious question with a single spelling mistake. Not much to poke fun at here right? Yet the community at Yahoo!Answers has decided that this information seeker deserves ridicule for not knowing.

Three out of five here are mocking the single spelling mistake, and the other two are just mocking. This person is asking a genuine question, so why should they get a stupid answer? Sometimes you just don’t know if there’s any good left in the world. All he wanted was for one sensible person to tell him what he needed, but in this world I guess that’s just impossible and that makes me sad.


This was almost a good troll, almost. There’s just one thing that I have to point out that I found horribly annoying. The frog is a “HE” ie it’s a male frog, that is taking a bubble bath and reading Jane Austen. The comedy value here could have been tripled by overtly suggesting the frog is gay. I mean if you say anything surrounded by candles, wearing a shower cap reading Pride and Prejudice in a bath you can almost instantly assume it’s female. However the troll here has specifically noted it’s male.

Next time make your troll more believable please, 1/5.


Some trolls are very smart, this is one of them. Well, it’s either an attention seeking 14 year old girl wanting to be edgy or a somewhat smart troll. Firstly I don’t know if this has happened to you, but if someone is speaking to you it’s very difficult to type. I was watching the news just earlier typing to someone and I asked how their Southern Sudan was. I don’t know if your brain works in the same way but I often end sentences with what I’m hearing when I type. If this person was so concerned, there would be less ellipses, less coherent typing and more running to the fucking mental hospital. You can also see the one question mark placed in the question after the only thing that isn’t an actual question sentence. Brilliant.


Ha, good one. Implying the mail man works at all.