Yosemite – A National Park That Can Inspire The Whole Family

Moving from the general eastern part of the country, we head now to the west. Specifically, California. While most visitors to this sunny state head to land´s end where the waters meet the shore, outdoor enthusiasts grab their backpacks and hiking boots and head into Yosemite. Yosemite National Park rates #7 on the list of the top 10 must-see places across the US.

It became the second wilderness park in the United States and contains almost 1200 square miles of valleys, ancient giant sequoias, lush meadows and a blanket of wilderness. Granite pervades in the park and exposes its strength and more so the strength of glaciers that carved their way through the granite

Anyone who has been there will understand why. If your pocketbook is full of notes and your budget grand, then you will want to stay at a swash hotel right in the park. For those wanting to camp, if you are lucky enough, you can reserve a site at one of the campgrounds. But if you don´t fit into either of these categories, don´t fret. There are plenty of lovely villages surrounding all points of the park. Just decide from where you will enter. The options are overwhelming.

Welcome the Fresh Smell of Pine

Forests pervade in this neck of California. The smell of pine is clean and refreshes one´s senses. There is plenty of wildlife is you are looking. Deer are scattered all about the park and its perimeters. There are lovely species of bird, too.

A map is handed to you upon entering, and if you like to hike you will need it. You can roam for days here. In the summer, some of the trails will be crowded. Beware the afternoon thunderstorm. It is a spectacular event to witness in Yosemite.

There Are Many Things to See

The things not to miss are the Half Dome and Yosemite Falls. But if you are taken in easily by waterfalls, there are plenty to see as well as some nice treks to and around them. Yosemite with its Half Dome is perhaps the rock climber’s “icing” on top of the cake in the US, and climbers file in here when the weather is good for a major challenge that can last for days. If you are planning to climb, you will now need a permit.

Yosemite National Park sits to the east from San Francisco and is easy to access. There are plenty of facilities in and around the park. If you like mountains, waterfalls, hiking, climbing, swimming surrounded by fresh air and the smell of pine with a 360 degree panoramic view, this is a not-to-miss place!

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