You and Your New Denture

Here are some things you need to consider.

1. Learning to wear a denture takes time. Follow your dentist’s advice. You will experience discomfort the first time you wear it, but don’t be discouraged. Listen not to friends who tell how easy it was for them. Either they are bragging or have poor memories.

2. A full lower denture usually take3s four times as long to patient. Don’t worry if your tongue feels strange or restricted. It will soon accustom itself to the new position.

3. The longer you chew your food, the quicker you’ll master your denture.

4. Cut food into bite-sizes rather than take big bites during the first few days.

5. You may experience some pain and discomfort. When some sore spots develop in the gums, visit your dentist for relief.

6. Eat only soft foods the first few days. As you progress to more solid ones, chew slowly and evenly to get accustomed to your denture and to the pressure on the gums when chewing.

7. If you tend ti blur your words or have speech difficulty, practice speaking before the mirror.

8. An unclean denture is not only uncomfortable, it is also unhygienic. You may use a safe and effective denture cleaner like dentucreme that contains stain remover, a deodorizer, and a polisher.

9. Always wear your denture, even overnight, if your dentist advises so. Doing so helps you get adjusted to it faster.

10. Remember your gum tissues change, your denture does not. Expect some adjustments in the latter to fit the former.

Having a denture may not be an ego-booster, but it sure is the next best thing to having no teethat all. Say “CHESS”