Your Name, Does it Affect Your Life?

Numerology and astrology are becoming more and more popular all over the world. Giving a good and powerful name to the baby is also becoming very popular these days. Can your name affect your life? Yes, in my opinion name can affect your life to some extent. Every one calls you with the name. Name is nothing but a particular type of sound.

Sound has positive or negative vibrations on human. In fact sound affect even plants. It has been proved that a soothing music can make the plant grow well. We have music therapy to cure certain diseases. When pop music can make a person to dance, a soothing music can make a person suffering from insomnia to sleep peacefully.

Some names look very attractive and the persons carrying these names are successful in life in most cases. For example, just pronounce the names “Charles Bronson,  Michael Jackson, Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan, Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise, Barack Obama, Rajni kanth”. you will realize there is some kind of attraction.

Every one calls you by your name and when they call your name, the sound produces some kind of vibration towards you. If the person calls your name feels happy and comfortable while calling your name it may give you positive vibrations.

I have seen that certain names like Vijay, Arjun, Names starting with or ending with shree, shri are good. The people who carry such powerful names come up in life quickly without any struggles. Hindus pronounce the word “OHM” to get positive vibrations. In the USA it has been tested and proved that the sound created by the word “OHM” spreads positive vibrations.

It may appear to be mere crap for some people. I do agree that Numerolog, Astrology, Vaastu and Name theory  can not be proved scientifically. If proper research is done on this subject we may come up with ymany facts about names and the impacts of names on human lives.

Names can affect human life-this is my opinion.

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