Blast From The Past – Top Vintage Pics Of Women From The 60s & 70s

Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood rose to fame when she was just a teenager thanks to her role in the iconic coming-of-age movie Rebels Without a Cause. Did you know she became one of the youngest stars to ever be nominated for an Oscar?

She went on to star in the 60s musical West Side Story and earned two other Oscar nominations for Splendor in the Grass and Love with Proper Stranger.

Tanya Roberts

Brunette sex symbol Tanya Roberts started modelling in TV commercials when she was just a teenager. However, it wasn't long before she landed her first role in a movie: the 1973 horror classic Forced Entry.

A few years later, she was chosen among over 2000 candidates to star in the action series Charlie's Angels. Moreover, her role in the James Bond franchise catapulted her as one of the audience's favorite femme fatales of all time.

Cybill Shepherd

Cybil Shepherd's debut role was in the 1971 Oscar-winning drama Last Picture Show. She was only 20 years old when the movie was shot, and it earned the young actress her first Golden Globe nomination. Wow!

After her breakthrough role, she went on to star in other classics like Taxi Driver and The Heartbreak Kid. The blonde bombshell has also ventured into political activism, having fought in favor of LGBTQ+ rights for decades.

Raquel Welch

Actress and singer Raquel Welch rose to the spotlight after being cast as the lead character in the 1966 sci-fi classic Fantastic Voyage. However, it wasn't until winning her first Golden Globe for her role in The Three Musketeers that her career really took off.

By the turn of the century, the blonde bombshell had featured in over 50 films. If you haven't seen any of her movies, I suggest starting with the 1966 classic Fantastic Voyage.

Honor Blackman

British actress Honor Blackman rose to stardom after playing Pussy Galore in the James Bond classic Goldfinger. However, she's also famous for her lead roles in the iconic TV series The Avengers and The Upper Hand.

Apart from that, Blackman is also well-known for her singing career and her political activism. The real question is: what can't she do? For another James Bond femme fatal, slide to #17!

Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear pursued a career in acting shortly after graduating in 1979, making her the youngest actress on this list. Does she ring a bell?

Locklear is most famous for having played Amanda Woodward in the 90s TV show Melrose Place. Despite being one of the world's top sex symbols, she never let fame get to her head.

Michelle Phillips

Michelle Phillips rose to stardom as a member of the famous folk-pop band The Mamas and the Papas. Still, it wasn't until the band split that she decided to give acting a try.

She landed her first major role in the 1971 drama film The Last Movie, though she's most famous for playing Anne Matheson in the soap opera Knots Landing. She went back to singing in the mid-70s, releasing her first solo album, Victim by Romance, in 1977.

Goldie Hawn

Even though Goldie Hawn is in her mid-70s, she honestly looks half her age. What's her secret? Beauty evidently runs in the family, as she was married to Hollywood heartthrob Kurt Russell, and she's Kate Hudson's mom.

Hawn isn't only famous because of her beauty, though. She has no reason to envy the rest of the actresses on this list, having starred in classics such as Death Becomes Her and First Wives Club.

Ursula Andress

While most stars on this list are American-born, let's not forget that many European actresses also left their mark in Hollywood history during the 60s and 70s. German-Swiss beauty queen Ursula Andress is definitely one of them.

The blonde sex symbol had her big break with her role in the first James Bond movie, which opened many doors in her acting career. She reached the peak of her career after playing the lead role in the 1965 fantasy film She.

Katherine Ross

Katherine Ross made her debut in 1965 with Shenandoah, though it wasn't until her Oscar-nominated role in The Graduate that she became a household name.

While the stunning diva quit acting in the early 90s, she made a surprising comeback with the 2001 cult film Donnie Darko. Here's a fun fact: did you know she's also a children's author?

Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield had a prolific yet short-lived career. She started off as a nightclub entertainer, but her big break came in 1955 after her debut role in the Broadway musical Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

After hitting it off in Broadway for over two years, she went on to star in several films, including box office hits Too Hot to Handle and The Wayward Bus. Sadly, she died at age 34 in a car crash.

Maureen McCormick

While Maureen McCormick is a well-acclaimed author and singer, she's most famous for her role in the 70s sitcom The Brady Bunch. All in all, she's starred in over 30 comedy shows and films.

McCormick came back to the spotlight in 2008 after publishing her autobiography Here's the Story, which made it to New York Time's fourth bestseller. You may also have seen her in the 2014 TV movie Naughty & Nice.

Elizabeth Montgomery

Famous for her dashing looks, Hollywood actress Elizabeth Montgomery launched her career by starring in her dad's TV series, Robert Montgomery Presents. However, it wasn't until being cast in Bewitched that she truly proved how great an actress she was.

Her iconic role earned her a whopping 5 Emmy Awards and 4 Golden Globe nominations. Like many celebrities on this list, she's also known for her charity work and political activism.

Candice Bergen

Candice Bergen left her mark in TV history thanks to her iconic role in the 90s sitcom Murphy Brown, which earned her five Emmys and two Golden Globes.

Acting wasn't her only talent, though. Famous for her sizzling looks and curvy shape, Bergen pursued a career in modelling and made it to the cover of Vogue. Lately, she's mainly been focusing on political activism. Is there anything she hasn't done already?


Currently 79 years old, Ann-Margaret is one of the classiest and most gorgeous women to ever make it to the big screen. She's starred in dozens of films, though she's most famous for her lead performance in the Hollywood musical Bye Bye Birdie.

Her acting career spans five decades and includes five Golden Globes as well as two Academy Award nominations. Her seductive melodious voice is also worth highlighting. What's not to love?

Helen Mirren

Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren made a name for herself in the movie industry in her early 20s. Half a century later, she continues stealing the spotlight.

In fact, in 2019, at age 74, Mirren awed the critics after taking on the lead role in the HBO series Catherine the Great. Historical dramas definitely suit her well – let's not forget she won her only Oscar for playing Queen Elizabeth II!

Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley is not only famous for being the King of Pop's ex-wife, but also because of her roles in the hilarious trilogy Naked Gun.

Apart from her acting career, she's also published a best-selling autobiography titled Elvis and Me, which was later adapted to film. Most recently, you may have seen her perform in the 6th season of Dancing with the Stars.

Diana Ross

It's common knowledge that Diana Ross was the lead vocalist of the girl soul group The Supremes, but did you know that she's also a well-accomplished actress?

In effect, Ross left her mark in Hollywood history after taking on the lead role in Lady Sings the Blues, which earned her a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination.

Faye Dunaway

While Faye Dunaway launched her acting career with Broadway musicals, she came into the spotlight thanks to her iconic role as Bonnie in Bonnie and Clyde.

A decade later, Dunaway won her first and only Academy Award for outstanding performance in Network (great film, by the way). Her talent never grows old, as she's recently awed the critics with her role in The Handmaid's Tale.

Jaqueline Bisset

Jaqueline Bisset made her acting debut at age 22 in Roman Polanski's classic film Cul-de-Sac. She received her first Golden Globe nomination only two years later for her role in The Sweet Ride.

However, it was her role in The Cape Town Affair alongside James Brolin that turned her into a living Hollywood legend and worldwide sex symbol. Now, are you ready for our top 5?

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot is one of history's greatest actresses ever, and that's a fact. She actually longed to become a ballerina back in her teenage years. Still, she went another way after starring in the 1956 film And God Created Woman.

She's also famous for her role in Godard's masterpiece Le Mepris, though she's also a well-known author and activist. She's really a chameleon!

Sophia Loren

Italian-born actress Sophia Loren started her acting career when she was only 16 years old, and she had already won her first Academy Award before turning 30. Wow!

Apart from her Oscar-winning role in La Ciociara (Two Women in English), you may have seen her on Netflix in the 2020 film The Life Ahead. Believe it or not, she's featured in over 90 films, and as of today, at age 86, she continues acting.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor's career needs no introduction. In fact, did you know that the American Film Institute named her the 7th-greatest female actress in history in 1999? Beat that!

Taylor received two Oscars and three other nominations. However, she's mostly remembered for her roles in Cleopatra and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. Not only was she a talented actress, but also a humanitarian and activist, since she was one of the first stars to publicly endorse HIV/AIDS campaigns.

Jane Fonda

Famous as an actress, environmentalist, fashion model, and activist, Jane Fonda is a real all-rounder. Even though she started working in Broadway plays, she's mostly remembered for her roles in celebreated blockbusters like Barbarella and On Golden Pond.

However, she's much more than a pretty face. Did you know Fonda has been fighting in favor of LGBTQ+ rights, feminist issues, and environmental causes since the 90s? You go, girl!

Marilyn Monroe

A list of the 60s can't be complete without the one and only Marilyn Monroe. While she started working as a model, she became a household name after starring in comedies such as Monkey Business and Some Like It Hot.

Monroe was famous both for her sizzling looks and her flamboyant character. Sadly, she died at a very young age, though her name became embedded in popular culture.