Is Your Phone Giving You A Double Chin?

“Tech neck” or “text neck” is the name of a condition caused by bending the neck down to view devices which causes wrinkles of the skin above the clavicle. This double chin can be witnessed everywhere, in our homes and offices, riding the bus or walking down the street, because staring down at electronic devices has become part of everyday life. But tech neck can also cause back and shoulder pain, headaches, and other health issues. Keep reading to find out more about this old issue and how to solve it!

By Victoria Black

Published 07-28-2022

Cool AI Reconstructions Of Historical Figures And Cartoons

Have you ever wondered what the world’s most famous historical figures would look like in real life? And what about Disney’s most famous cartoons? How would they look if they came to life? Well, wonder no longer! American graphics artist Nathan Shipley has recreated well-known cartoons and historical figures from paintings and images with the help of artificial intelligence. Are you ready?

By Hernán Tamargo

Published 08-01-2022

Terrifying Animal Pics That'll Give You The Creeps

Although most animals don’t cause any harm, some are so creepy-looking that you definitely wouldn’t want to cross paths with them. From menacing carnivores on the verge of attack to revolting, poisonous insects, these harrowing animal pictures will totally give you nightmares. Are you ready?

By Hernán Tamargo

Published 06-15-2022

Wholesome Pics To Make Your Day A Bit Better

We’re living in difficult times. The world seems to be in a constant state of chaos, and it’s often hard to focus on the good things — but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. We’ve recollected some of the most wholesome images on the internet to help soothe the pain. From adorable cat pics to short encounters that remind us how amazing human connection can truly be — we have it all. So, if you’re worried, sad, or simply having a bad day, keep on scrolling, and we guarantee you’ll be in a completely different mood by the time you finish!

By Angie Ray

Published 06-10-2022

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