The Most Iconic Movie Quotes In History

“I Don't Have Friends, I Got Family”

This line from Fast & Furious is very well known and for good reason. If you aren’t familiar with the media franchise, Fast & Furious is predominantly centered around illegal street racing and dramatic plotlines involving betrayal.

However, avid fans of the franchise can definitely tell you that it’s about a lot more than that. As said by one of the main characters, Dominic Toretto, the line “I don’t have friends. I got family” will make anybody reconsider the assumption that Fast & Furious is only about attractive females and fast cars.

“Ogres Are Like Onions”

For many of us, Shrek is our childhood. There’s nothing that can cheer you up as much as Shrek and Donkey having a heated discussion. Amongst the many hilarious phrases that have come out of the Shrek movies is the famous: “Ogres are like onions.

If you don’t remember the scene, let us refresh your mind and take you back to the good old days when Shrek was all the rage. Basically, Shrek attempts to explain to a confused Donkey that ogres have more to them than what first meets the eye.

“Jessica, Only Child, Illinois, Chicago”

Unless you were living under a rock in 2019, you probably already watched the movie Parasite. Directed by Bong Joon-ho, a South Korean director known for his distinguishable films that shine a light on social issues, Parasite left movie-goers in awe.

The film revolves around the Kim family somehow managing to live a parasitic life by working for the wealthy Park family. When it is the Kim family’s daughter’s turn to convince the Parks that she is a highly qualified art teacher, she recites in a sing-songy manner the phrase “Jessica, only child, Illinois, Chicago,” and now it’s forever ingrained in our brains.

"You Have Bewitched Me, Body And Soul"

Now, you don’t have to be a romance lover to know about the movie Pride and Prejudice. Originally a book written by the English novelist Jane Austen, the film revolves around the love story between Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Much like romance novels go, these two belonged to very different social classes, something that was a big problem back in the 18th century. However, when Darcy finally declares his love, he speaks the unforgettable line that had several women swooning.

“I Just Wanted To Take Another Look At You”

While this line has been a part of all versions of A Star Is Born, most of us recognize it from the romantic musical that Bradley Cooper directed and starred in. It’s particularly memorable because Bradley’s character, Jackson Maine, says it with a unique charm.

As Lady Gaga’s character Ally is about to go into her house, Jackson calls out to her from the driver’s seat to catch her attention. When she turns to say, “What?” he replies with a genuine smile and an “I just wanted to take another look at you”.

"I Am Groot"

This line just proves that you don’t really need much to produce a memorable line. “I am Groot” is so pure and straightforward that it becomes an unforgettable movie quote because it reflects the character’s personality.

While Groot wasn’t supposed to have such little vocabulary in the comics, for some reason, during the film Guardians of the Galaxy, the directors decided that one of Groot’s characteristics would be the adorable phrase “I am Groot.

“I Want To Play A Game”

Going towards the darker side, this line is far from Groot’s cute monosyllabic quote. First seen in the first installment of the Saw series, “I want to play a game” is a phrase that sends a chill down your spine.

While nobody can deny Saw’s success, it is shocking to recognize just how many viewers are captured by the amount of violence and torture exhibited in the franchise, and it all starts with that one phrase.

“I Have Nipples, Greg. Can You Milk Me?”

In a much lighter tone, this movie quote doesn’t make us tremble, but rather, it makes us laugh. From the 2000 film Meet the Parents, this line comes from Robert De Niro, who plays a guy that will not hesitate to say what’s on his mind.

When Greg Focker decides to share a story about milking a cat after being caught in a lie, Dina, his fiancée's mother, is shocked at his statement. At this point, Greg says that as long as there are nipples, anything can be milked. This is when Robert De Niro’s character replies with his famous line.

"This Is Sparta"

There are not many movies that make us want to join a battalion, but Zack Snyder’s 300 certainly comes close to it. Centering around King Leonidas leading the best 300 Spartans to battle, 300 sends chills down your spine a few times.

The unforgettable “This is Sparta” line spoken by Gerard Butler’s King Leonidas right before kicking a Persian messenger to his doom remains ingrained in our brains as the line that you chant before heading to victory.

"I Wanna Rob"

While American filmmaker Sofia Coppola doesn’t usually make movies with quotes that stand the test of time, The Bling Ring is certainly an exception. Starring Emma Watson and Israel Broussard, the movie is based on the real-life events of a high-school group that decide to steal millions from celebrities.

During one of the group’s plans to steal from none other than Paris Hilton, Emma Watson’s character whines to her friends, “I wanna rob,” in the hopes that they can break into Paris’ house and get their hands on some very expensive belongings.

“Cello, You've Got A Bass”

You don’t have to be a music fan to enjoy School of Rock, a comedy film directed by Richard Linklater that makes you want to pursue your passions. Probably one of the most memorable aspects of the movie is Jack Black’s hilarious performance.

Taking the role of a rock enthusiast that pretends to be a teacher at a prestigious high school, Jack Black delivers the line “Cello, you’ve got a bass” to convince a classical cello player that a bass is practically the same instrument as a cello but just in a different orientation.

“I Have Had It With These Motherf*** Snakes On This Motherf*** Plane”

While most people wouldn’t consider the movie Snakes on a Plane a cinematic masterpiece, it definitely had its moments that had a lasting impact on its viewers. Particularly, it’s Samuel L. Jackson’s line that has been quoted throughout the years.

The movie is mainly regarded as a meme nowadays, but nobody can hold their laughter when it comes to Samuel L. Jackson’s character yelling “I have had it with these motherf snakes on this motherf plane!

“To Me, You Are Perfect”

Love Actually is not only one of the best rom-coms ever made, but it also happens to be the perfect Christmas movie. The message behind the film is rather a cliché, and essentially, it says that love is abundant and can be found anywhere.

A very memorable line is Mark’sTo me, you are perfect,” which is written in black sharpie on a large piece of white paper as he tries to conquer Juliet’s love. Andrew Lincoln plays Mark, and Julie is played by Keira Knightley, which should give you enough reason to rewatch the movie right now.

"My Tastes Are Very Singular"

A film series that has garnered very different opinions is undoubtedly Fifty Shades of Grey. Some love the movies, while others think it’s a complete joke. Regardless, the first film has left its impact by giving us this fascinating quote.

In case you were not familiar, the films revolve around the unique sexual relationship between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, whereby the latter is very much into dominance and submission. Referring to his tastes, Christian calls them “singular,” which is an understatement.

“I See A Lot Of Lawbreakers Up In This House Tonight”

Magic Mike is the type of movie you watch when you want to get your head out of the problems that are troubling you. The stripper comedy stars Channing Tatum, who plays an ordinary guy that takes multiple jobs throughout the day to make ends meet.

However, during the night, he transforms into the headliner of an all-male stripper group. During one of their shows, Matthew McConaughey, who plays the owner of the club where Mike performs, delivers the hilarious line to a crowd of screaming women.

“You're A Wizard, Harry”

If you never wished that you got a letter in the mail saying that you had been invited to take your place at Hogwarts, then it is most likely that this line won’t make you emotional. However, for most of us, Hagrid’s line has us in tears because it transports us back to our childhood.

During the first movie of the series that shook the world, half-giant Hagrid delivers the news to a young and innocent Harry Potter, informing him that all those times that he felt like an outsider, it was because he had magic in him.

"Just Keep Swimming"

Amongst the many characters that Disney has produced, there are some that we all have a soft spot for, and Dory from Finding Nemo happens to be one of them. A very forgetful fish voiced by Ellen Degeneres, Dory has a positive attitude that makes even the grumpiest fish smile.

The blue tang evidently has short-term memory loss, but that doesn’t stop her from persevering during moments of helplessness. In an attempt to cheer up Marlin, she sings the adorable phrase “Just keep swimming.”

"I Volunteer As Tribute"

Either you love Katniss Everdeen, or you want to be Katniss Everdeen. Portrayed by Hollywood favorite Jennifer Lawrence, Katniss Everdeen from District 12 is probably one of the most courageous characters in the history of dystopian movies.

In an effort to save her little sister from having to face the Hunger Games, Katniss volunteers herself to partake in the brutal tournament where young contestants are forced to fight one another to the death until only one remains.

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”

If you ever quoted something from Spider Man, there’s a 99% probability that you quoted this precise line. You don’t necessarily have to be an avid Spider Man fan to be familiar with this phrase because it is truly a classic.

Probably because it is the endearing Uncle Ben that delivers this line that makes it that much better. While talking to Peter Parker in his dying moments, Uncle Ben unknowingly gives Spider Man the line that would drive him for the rest of his life.

"I Was Perfect"

There’s not many movies out there that will portray obsession as well as The Black Swan does. Natalie Portman delivers a stunning performance that earned her an Oscar for Best Actress, and after watching the movie, it’s very easy to see why.

Playing the character of Nina, a ballerina that becomes obsessed to the point of madness for the role of Black Swan, Natalie Portman delivers a chilling “I was perfect” line that lets the audience know how extreme her desire for perfection was.

“I Know That Babies Taste The Best”

Without any context, this phrase can definitely leave people in shock, but when you tell them that it comes from yet another masterpiece directed by Bong Joon-ho, it might leave them a little bit more at ease.

From the movie Snowpiercer, a film about a train that carries the last of mankind, the line is delivered by Curtis, a man that belongs to the poorest groups in society and that is familiar with what “babies taste like” because of the level of starvation he faced.

“Honey, Where's My Supersuit?”

Yet another Disney movie that has everybody rolling in laughter is The Incredibles, which means that by default, there are bound to be some quotes that stand the test of time. The Incredibles would not be the same without Frozone, the character who delivers this iconic line.

In a world where superheroes start being portrayed in a negative light, Frozone’s wife hides her husband’s super suit in an attempt to prevent him from going out and saving the world. However, Frozone is determined to help stop a destructive robot from blowing up the city.

"Not Quite My Tempo"

Another extraordinary film that does a wonderful job at depicting obsession is Whiplash. Not only is the cast exceptional, but the filming and editing earned the movie several accolades. While the movie earned an Academy Award for Best Film Editing and Best Sound Mixing, it is a scene between J.K Simmons and Miles Teller that remains unforgettable.

While J.K Simmons’ character Terence Fletcher is trying to perfect the beat of the music by grilling Miles Teller’s character, a passionate first-year drummer, he delivers this line in multiple tones before challenging him to recognize whether he is rushing or dragging.


Amongst the many classics that Tom Hanks has starred in, there’s Cast Away. A movie from the year 2000 where Hanks portrays a man named Chuck Nolan, who ends up stranded on an island after a terrible plane crash.

With nobody to talk to, Chuck ends up printing his bloodied hand on a volleyball and naming it Wilson. Wilson ends up being his only friend, so it is only natural for Chuck to be drowning in sorrow when he realizes that he might have lost the volleyball.

“Now You're In The Sunken Place”

One movie that kept everyone on the edge of their seat is Get Out. Directed by award-winning director Jordan Peele, this film addresses racial issues in America through the eyes of an African-American man that ends up living his worst nightmare.

Daniel Kaluuya plays Chris, an African-American man who decides to visit his girlfriend’s parents during a seemingly normal vacation. It turns out that his girlfriend’s Caucasian parents are actually insane, and the mother, a hypnotist named Missy, has the power to send Chris to a “sunken place.”

"Why So Serious?"

If we included a Marvel quote, then it was only fair that we also included a DC one. Often referred to as one of the best villains out there, Heath Ledger’s Joker leaves the audience with a lasting chill down their spines with his performance.

The Joker is never shy to mention what happened to his face. As told by the Joker himself, when he was little, his drunk father used a knife to carve his face while laughing and repeatedly saying “Why so serious?

"If You're A Bird, I'm A Bird"

When it comes to a romance movie, there’s a very small chance that you’ll find one that is loved as much as The Notebook. Arguably one of the most successful film adaptations out of all of Nicholas Sparks’ books, this film has an adorable quote that has stayed with anybody that watched the movie.

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling portray two lovers that make us all want to go back to 1940’s South Carolina just to feel the type of love that these two share. One of the fan-favorite scenes is Rachel’s character demanding Ryan’s character to say he is a bird too.

“I’m Gonna Steal The Declaration Of Independence”

Portrayed by none other than Nicolas Cage, Benjamin Franklin Gates is a treasure hunter whose goal is to honor his family’s mission, that being finding a treasure left by the Founding Fathers at some point during the Revolutionary War.

What is so memorable about this line is how the character delivers it. After a long speech that is meant to be very inspiring, Nicolas Cage’s character says a line that is rather hilarious given the preceding speech.

"You Shall Not Pass"

There are several film series that have left us a lasting impact, and Lord of the RIngs is no exception. Known for its attention to detail and outstanding visuals, this series is bound to have a few quotes that last a lifetime.

One of them is Ian McKellen’s character’s “You Shall Not Pass”, where Gandalf proves his power as he battles a Balrog, a highly powerful monster, in the Mines of Moria.

"I Will Find You And I Will Kill You"

Granted, any normal person would be terrified if somebody spoke this line to them, but the way Liam Neeson delivers this phrase is what makes Taken such a great movie. When Liam Neeson’s character finds out that his daughter is being kidnapped, he definitely puts his skills to good use.

In case you haven’t watched the film, Taken centers around the story of a young girl that convinces her overprotective father (Liam Neeson) to let her go and have fun in France without adult supervision. Unfortunately, she ends up proving her father right when she is kidnapped by a gang of human traffickers.