Finding Time To Do Nothing

Silence Is OK

Standing still and doing nothing is against human nature. Our brains will always be ordering us to do something. “Do your laundry,” “wash the dishes,” and most chores will pop up once lying on the bed and doing nothing, which is perfectly OK.

As these thoughts may be hard to fight back, one has to be sure that even when your mind fades away from a task at hand, it means that you found a moment for yourself – a moment of doing nothing. The silence that comes with the moment of doing nothing is a sign that we’re on the right path.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

As silly as it may sound, it is uncomfortable to do nothing while wearing tight skinny jeans that can’t let you breathe. Yes, it sounds like a pre-meditated plan, but it’s the whole point of doing nothing. Pants that don’t let you move aren’t suited for the task.

Doing nothing requires a little planning time, even though one tries to make it happen naturally. Wearing cozy and comfortable clothing is part of the activity. Plus, it’s better to find a spot where the temperature is perfect —not too hot or too cold.

Little By Little

As a first step, one has to start doing nothing by not considering it a task. Doing nothing doesn’t have to be another bullet point on the agenda. As a first little step, stop overthinking. Just ignore the bucket list and stand still. It’s not easy, but it’s worth the try.

By doing this, the action of doing nothing becomes insignificant. It’s not a big deal. There’s no need to use a timer to calculate a “doing nothing” moment. Let it be. The results are pleasant. And most important: enjoy yourself.

Find The Perfect Spot

Doing nothing at your desk while working might not do the trick. The whole point of doing nothing implies finding time to stay put. Therefore, finding a nice place and the right time is fundamental. Out of the busy and stressful schedule, if it’s possible.

Finding a comforting place to look at is of utmost importance. Sitting on the couch with a cup of tea on a rainy day sounds great. Looking out the window is great. The chosen place shouldn’t cause distractions or distress.

Write It Down

Our brains will try hard to come up with million topics to think about while doing nothing. It’s inevitable. Something interesting to try in these moments is writing down any thought that pops up. No matter how silly it may be, writing things down will clear your mind.

The action of writing down thoughts means that you don’t have to bear the burden of remembering them. It won’t be necessary to keep it in mind, as it is on paper. After writing, there’s even more space in our minds to stop worrying and just do nothing.